Wondering what to see in Gijón in one day? Make the most out of your short visit with this 24-hour tour to experience the best of the city.

Gijón has so much to offer, that it isn't easy to decide what to see in a day. However, if you only have 24 hours to enjoy it you should make sure to enjoy every minute to the fullest. To help you do this, we have created a complete guide of what to see in Gijon in one day so you don't miss the essentials.

But first, before visiting any new city, it is important to know a little about its history ... What do you know about Gijón?

To begin with, it's the most populated city in Asturias and has a long history on its back. Perhaps its most outstanding time was that of the Romans, who fell in love with the city for its views of the sea. They took advantage of the wisdom of the locals to control the metals and the technology of the time and, little by little, turned the place into a great city.


Labor University of Gijon


After a short period of domination by the Visigoths first and the Muslims later, there was an intense Medieval Era, as the many churches still standing prove.

Today Gijón is still a great city that shows different facades: Romanesque, revolutionary, urban, avant-garde, maritime ... And that's why it catches everyone who is lucky enough to visit it. To capture all its essence, we have created a tour with everything you should see in Gijón in one day:



After having accumulated energy in the hotel and having enjoyed a nice breakfast... it's time to start your day in Gijón! At 10 o'clock in the morning the city's Aquarium opens its doors, so make sure to be there early in order to enter the first and start the day getting to know the Cantabrian seabed a little better. This is one of the essential plans in Asturias, as the sea has a key role in the life and culture of this region. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discover the marine fauna of other parts of the world.

We recommend for you to follow with a visit to the Railway Museum of Asturias, which is just a few minutes walk from the Aquarium. Here you will be shown from the consequences of the industrial revolution and technological development, to the social and economic evolution that the railroad brought to the region. It is, without doubt, a very important part of the local history.


From there we recommend you to walk along the promenade next to the sea until you reach the famous district of Cimadevilla. It is known for the old facades of its buildings that were painted in bright colors by the fishermen, who formerly lived in this area. This place is also where the Romans settled and for that reason the famous thermal baths overlooking the Bay of Biscay are found here. Visiting them is essential in Gijón. In the museum you can discover a little more about the presence of the Romans in this region.



Alex Sampedro

Surely after all day visiting the city, at noon you will be hungry and eager to discover the Asturian cuisine. The best place for this is Restaurante El Recetario, also located in the Cimadevilla neighborhood. Its chef, Alex Sampedro, has designed a menu that combines innovation with local products. Our recommendation: try the Cantabrian bonito cured in salt over tomato and chilli soup or the ceviche pie, which won the city's pinchos contest in 2015. All this in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in the historic center of Gijón.



sidra castanon

image: www.sidracastanon.com


After having entered the world of Asturian gastronomy, you will not want to go far away so for the afternoon we suggest you visit a llagar, the place where cider is made. Note that you will have to take a taxi to get there, as most of them are outside the city, but it's definitely worth it. The best options are Trabanco, Acebal, Menéndez, Bernueces, Piñera and Castañón. This visit will help you discover the process of making this delicious liquid, from the moment the first apple is collected until the sidra is poured (it is poured from the bottle to the glass with a unique style) in a cider house.

If you visit in autumn, you are in luck, since at this time Gijón hosts the cider festival. The streets of the city host contests of pourers, markets, exhibitions ... and, above all, an incredible atmosphere.



To end your day in Gijón, take advantage of the sunset to walk along the beach of San Lorenzo. Enjoy the views of the bay and just flow with the night surrounding by this landscape. It is very special to have such a beach in the heart of the city.

We recommend you to go back to the center and keep exploring the cider houses. Enjoy the atmosphere, drink some "culines" of cider and have an informal dinner having some pintxos here and there. You can't leave Asturias without trying the famous bollo preñao (meaning “pregnant bread”, consisting on a piece of bread with chorizo ​​inside), one of the 42 varieties of Asturian cheese and, if you are still hungry, a good cachopo. This is, without a doubt, one of the best things to see and do in Gijón since there is nothing more authentic than going for "sidrinas" in the center.


Some additional recommendations on where to go: Sidrería "El Requexu", Sidrería Cabranes, Sidrería Parrilla Muñó-Feijoo, Restaurant Sidrería Parrilla Muñó-Poniente, Sidrería El Saúco Restaurant, Sidrería La Tonada de la Guía, Sidrería Tierra Astur Restaurant, La Fueya de Tomás Sidrería, Sidrería Parrilla Ramón, Sidrería La Montera Picona de Ramón, Cabañaquinta, El Restallu Sidrería, El Llavianu Sidrería Restaurant, El Cartero Sidrería, La Galana Sidrería and Ataúlfo House.

Now you know what to see in Gijon in one day! With this Gijón Travel guide you will be able to squeeze your 24 hours in the city to the fullest and hopefully make an unforgettable memory out of it. Who knows if you will come back soon…