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Astur Alqvimia Ritual

Discover the 3 essential elements for your beauty and relaxation.

Spa & Wellness
250 €

A ritual for two of 120' that combines scents, benefits and sensations from Asturias.

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Enjoy with that special person a unique moment at ARTIEM Club Asturias, a space designed for the relaxation of body and mind.


Includes (for 2 people): 

  • a relaxing bath
  • an exfoliation and body massage 
  • a facial treatment

*100% natural cosmetics by Alqvimia


3 elements ARTIEM by Alqvimia:

Argayar (Earth)
From bushes, trees and plants characteristic of our region. The wildest notes that bring us closer to Asturian nature and the beautiful land where our experiences are located.

Airi (Air)
Of the air and the Asturian breeze that mixes the freshness of the sea, the oxygen of its green forests mixed with the humid earth and the proximity of the great ocean.

Fueu (Fire)
From the warmth of wood, the fireplace and other classics of the experience of living in Asturias. Warm, sweet and deep notes. In addition, it brings us great benefits in temperature imbalances, cold season, stagnation and lack of energy.


ARTIEM gifts are zero-waste experiences. Gifts with history and future. The new boxes are made of eco-friendly paper from recycled jeans. They also contain a paper card with flower seeds to plant them and bring life to your home.  Thanks to the collaboration between ARTIEM and Sheedo (two B Corp companies) we managed to design a gift that generates positive change inside you and in the world. You will receive your gift in one of our sustainable boxes if you choose the home delivery option. 


All the gifts are experiences that have been created by the Freshpeople of ARTIEM Hotels who guarantee an exclusive and successful outcome. Giving ARTIEM gifts is giving a commitment to a unique, special and sustainable experience. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have by phone (+34 971356935) or email ([email protected]). We also have an online chat at the bottom right corner of the web. 


Send or receive your gift box anywhere in Spain. Your gift will be sent within 48h (no delivery service on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) after having received payment. You can also collect the gift at one of the ARTIEM Hotels premises 24 hours after its purchase.   


Once the purchase and payment has been made, the gift is subject to availability. It is essential for you to make your booking in advance by email at [email protected] or at the centre where you are going to enjoy the gift, indicating your voucher code. Gifts are valid for 12 months after the issue date. All changes or cancelations must be done within the first 15 days after the issue date. Valid only for people over 18 years old. 


The best place to get to know Asturias. Located in a peaceful rural setting less than ten minutes from Gijón’s centre, it lies close to the popular beaches of Villaviciosa and Gijón.

A space in which to balance your body and mind, one where ARTIEM has designed programmes and activities for the development and motivation of its guests.






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