In Madrid’s heart, where history intertwines with modernity, hidden treasures abound of which only a privileged few are aware. ARTIEM Hotels invites you to delve into the Spanish capital’s unique essence, exploring fascinating places that lie beyond the typical tourist orbit. Get ready to discover a Madrid that is authentic and astonishing!

1. Pasadizo de San Ginés:

When you enter the Pasadizo de San Ginés, near the Plaza Mayor, you journey back in time. This ancient alleyway, which houses the famous Chocolatería San Ginés, is a must-stop chocolate café serving Madrid’s deep-rooted tradition of hot chocolate with deep-fried pastry churros. Meanwhile, it conceals fascinating secrets in Madrid’s history. As you roam through this passageway, you discover that in its past it housed weaving looms and Madrid’s first calandria press, in the holandilla textile factory. Nestled in this historic labyrinth, at number 2, stands the oldest surviving establishment: Librería San Ginés. This bookshop is nowadays an icon of literary tradition. Chocolatería San Ginés and Librería San Ginés, together, invite you to explore this alley’s rich tradition, where the pleasures of the palate and reading are magically intertwined.

choco san gines madrid

2. Palacio de Cibeles – Panoramic Lookout:

Step inside the renowned Cibeles Palace and discover its best-kept secret: a panoramic lookout offering spectacular views of the city. Turn your visit into an exclusive experience by unlocking this hidden treasure. Enjoy Madrid from on high, away from the crowds, and let the city seduce you from a singular perspective. To access this hidden gem, you need to purchase tickets, available at this link. So, if you are looking for a unique experience away from the crowds, this viewpoint is the perfect choice to explore Madrid from above.

mirador madrid


3. La Cebada Market in La Latina:

Although La Latina is famous for its nightlife, La Cebada Market is a feast for the senses, where locals buy their fresh produce and visitors can discover authentic Spanish cuisine. It is also the starting point for exploring authentic culinary gems. From classics such as Pez Tortilla to new openings such as Los Secretos de Lola, a chic restaurant that presents irresistible offerings, La Cebada Market has become a meeting point for pure cuisine foodies. Discover La Latina neighbourhood’s true essence, where tradition and trends intermingle.

cebada market madrid


4. Café Comercial on the Glorieta de Bilbao:

On the bustling Glorieta de Bilbao, Café Comercial stands as a century-old witness to local history. Enjoy a coffee or croissant while you soak up more than 120 years of literary and journalistic gatherings. Café Comercial’s walls, adorned in huge mirrors, bear witness to over twelve decades of history, during which time illustrious figures such as Camilo José Cela, Antonio Machado and Arturo Pérez Reverte frequented this locale. It is not merely a place for good coffee but a venue for meetings, ideas and tradition right in Madrid’s heart.

cafe comercial madrid


5. Sorolla Museum:

While the Prado and Reina Sofía museums both hog much of the limelight, the Sorolla Museum is a lesser-known treasure. Explore the intimate life of painter Joaquín Sorolla in his former residence, where his works come to life. Marvel at the versatility of his brushstrokes and the richness of his colours. This space lets you connect intimately with Sorolla’s genius in his personal setting, encouraging you to admire the artist’s talent on his canvases while exploring his home’s every nook and cranny. This experience in understanding the atmosphere that inspired his creations transcends mere conventional observation of his masterpieces.


6. La Neomudéjar:

Abandon conventional routes and discover La Neomudéjar, an avant-garde art center. This alternative space stands out with video art, street art, parkour and unique performances. Explore the creativity that redefines Madrid's art scene and discover a lesser-known but equally fascinating side of the capital. Its location near Atocha station makes it an artistic haven that hosts exhibitions, festivals, colloquiums and innovative works, challenging conventional expectations of what art is all about. The Neomudéjar is an avant-garde space where you can explore everything you might not find in classical museums.

art neomudejar madrid

7. Motores Market:

Beyond the hustle and bustle of the Rastro, the Mercado de Motores transforms an old train station into a vibrant scene. This monthly market, held the second weekend of every month, offers an eclectic experience, from fashion to gastronomy, in a feast for the senses, where creativity overflows in every corner, turning this market into a fascinating jewel full of history. Explore the creativity that overflows in this unique market, where the mix of elements offers a unique and enriching experience. Although the Rastro stands out as the flagship of markets in Madrid, the Mercado de Motores stands as a jewel that deserves to be discovered, providing a varied experience in an environment as fascinating as it is historic.

mercado motores madrid

8. El capricho park in Alameda de Osuna:

The charm of El Capricho Park, a less explored but equally charming green lung. In addition to the typical serenity of the parks, you can discover in it a Civil War bunker, unique in Europe, which adds a mysterious touch to its charm. Discover the history of its centuries-old trees and marvel at nature in its purest form. Explore the enigmas of this green corner of Madrid, walking its paths and letting yourself be surprised by the history of its trees and corners.

capricho park madrid

9. Street sculptures:

Walk through the streets of Madrid and discover the street sculptures that pay tribute to everyday characters. These are not simply urban ornaments; they are living chronicles that narrate unique experiences. One of them is the 'rocker grandmother' on Avenida Peña Gorbea, which tells the story of a passionate follower of rock music in the 1980s. At a time when this musical genre was conquering hearts, this grandmother, thanks to the musical discovery of her grandson, not only adopted the rock culture, but also actively collaborated in radio programs and magazines, thus becoming a true icon of the effervescent Madrid rock scene. With these sculptures, the streets of Madrid are transformed into open-air galleries, where a story is told, a moment is captured and homage is paid to the very essence of the people who inhabit them.

rock abuela madrid

10. Hermitage of Sant Antonio de la Florida:

Experience Madrid's rich architectural history firsthand with the Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida. Beyond conventional cathedrals and churches, this hermitage is distinguished for housing an exceptional pictorial ensemble created by Francisco de Goya himself. This ensemble, which exhibits the mastery and unmistakable style of the renowned painter, adds a unique dimension to the spiritual experience offered by this sacred place. But the charm does not end there; Goya's remains rest in this same space, giving it a special meaning and making it a must-see destination for those who appreciate the richness of Spanish painting. The Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida is presented as a living testimony of other times, where spirituality is intertwined with the unique creativity of one of the great masters of Spanish painting.

san antonio florida madrid


As you see, Madrid holds secrets that go beyond your wildest imaginings. As part of this fascinating adventure, come and discover ARTIEM Hotels, where every corner tells a story and the Spanish capital’s unique magic is woven into every experience. Discover Madrid’s true essence while staying at ARTIEM Madrid. Here you have the perfect balance between the city’s vibrant energy and our hotel’s serene calm in the heart of the Arturo Soria neighbourhood. Live the #artiemlovers experience! Transform your visit to the capital into an unforgettable memory!