More than 10 years ago we created EdocAssistant to optimize our tasks and make our team happier. Do you want to know what this tool is about?

The mission of ARTIEM Hotels as a company is to inspire people to be happy, that is why we want our team to feel motivated and valued. Thus, in this constant search for improvement, more than 10 years ago we decided to create EdocAssistant, a tool that reads, interprets and stores information to liberate our staff from mechanical tasks such as chopping bills, which do not add value and can be tedious.

Francesc Pons, Financial Director of ARTIEM and creator of the tool, remembers that it was in 2007 when he began to detect that there was a great amount of time and effort invested in data mining: invoices from suppliers, reservations ... "We realized that the team was occupied with tasks that did not add value and that, moreover, wasted the talent of highly qualified people", mentions Francesc.

Francesc Pons

The solution came with the decision to create a customized program that could cover all the current and future needs of the different departments of the company. This is how EdocAssistant came up, a tool that reads any digital format, downloads information, analyzes it, transforms it and introduces it into a management program.

Therefore, EdocAssistant works with webs, emails, PDF files ... extracting all the information and saving a lot of the team´s time. For example: the people in charge of managing the invoices of ARTIEM Hotels suppliers no longer have to click on data, as they now leave that job to EdocAssistant.


What do we get with EdocAssistant? Mainly five things:

1. Motivating the team

The most important thing for us is that the people who are part of the ARTIEM family come to work every day with enthusiasm and motivation. EdocAssistant allows them to focus their efforts on more interesting and challenging tasks for them, so they are much happier. In addition, we are taking advantage of their full potential. In short, we can all enjoy the work much more.

2. Using of time in tasks that really add value

Another advantage that the implementation of EdocAssistant has brought is the ability to manage time in a more efficient and intelligent way. Now, for example, the people in charge of managing the reserves, instead of asking for data, can invest those hours in thinking about commercial actions. These tasks bring much more value to the company and are also more interesting for the people in charge of developing them.

3. Accelerating the processes

EdocAssistant is the great secret behind the high levels of productivity we achieve at ARTIEM Hotels. It allows us to be faster and, to automate tasks that before could take us several minutes.

4. Removing errors

Humans can make mistakes, but computers can´t. EdocAssistant doesn´t make mistakes and allows us to work knowing that the information we have in hand is correct. The success rate is 100%, which is always a guarantee.

5. Reducing paper consumption

Since EdocAssistant arrived at ARTIEM Hotels, paper consumption is practically nil and, in the same way, printers are practically not used. The tool works in a digital environment, so we don´t need printed documents. With this, we also encourage our suppliers and partners to do the same by sending us all the information through electronic systems.

The result is that, after more than 10 years, at ARTIEM we don´t create physical documents. Everything is read automatically from the tool. "Our life without EdocAssistant would be a misery", comments Francesc in a humorous way.

As a proof of success, other companies have shown interest in the program as there is no other tool as universal as this one. As long as the information has digital support, EdocAssistant will be able to read it; so we can work with it in different areas and with different purposes. This allows us, therefore, to be more productive and to use a single tool within the whole company.

EdocAssistant has been key for ARTIEM. It has allowed us to work in a different way and pursue our goal of inspiring people to be happy (in this case, our team).