At ARTIEM we believe that in times such as ours, with their uncertainty and lightning changes, when instability becomes the norm, having a purpose – a mission, a vision and clear values – helps us progress.

At ARTIEM we defined our purpose in 2007 and in 2017: inspire people to be happy. Why? Seeing how our world had changed, we aimed to reflect upon it. It occurred to us that in a society that was increasingly advanced in terms of scientific progress (the technological revolution and artificial intelligence), while enjoying greater advances in rights and freedoms, cases such as depression, anguish, frustration or anxiety were on the upturn. Levels of dissatisfaction were growing at work and tension was spreading. In other words, we realised that our society was increasingly unhappy.

So we asked ourselves a question: Can companies contribute to reversing this situation? If we assume that they can and must, we cannot sit there with our arms folded. Faced with this situation, we decided to evolve our mission as a company. What was previously “provide wellness through the care of body and mind”, became a much more decidedly motivating goal, as in: “inspire people to be happy.”

Obviously if we, who form part of ARTIEM, cannot journey towards happiness, it would be difficult to inspire others to achieve it. On this point, the formula that helps us attain this state is founded on living daily by our values.

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The trust that forms the basis of our relationships enables us to feel valued and respected as people, so we can choose to do a job that fulfils us with passion. So we radiate and transmit joy in what we do.

If we have reached that level at ARTIEM it is because we decide upon our own lives, we lead our own future. Such personal leadership encourages us to set new challenges, to advance and grow both personally and professionally. We expand our limits and step outside our comfort zone. In short, we surpass ourselves.

To do so, we undertake to explore new ways of doing things and to train: we choose to innovate. All of this, which unquestionably helps us grow as people, does not alone bring us happiness. For that we must aim to have a positive impact on our surroundings, creating prosperity within them and backing an inclusive purpose.

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So with a well-defined mission and values, a company can consolidate its vision. In our case, to “be a leading company through its innovative and inspiring model, focussing on people's happiness, and through its commitment to sustainable prosperity and a positive impact on our environment”.

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This purpose is ARTIEM's guiding light in these times of uncertainty and change. In fact, the greater the uncertainty, the more faithfully we hold to our purpose. This translates into daily management through two principles that influence our decision-making:

1. Strive to attain prosperity in our environment and our stakeholders. This is not merely our responsibility as a company but a means of obtaining sustainable competitive benefits.

2. Attract committed and fulfilled collaborators who offer our guests well-being and satisfaction, seeking excellence in service, in such a manner that they help us grow competitively and sustainably.

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To be loyal to our vision, striving daily to realise it, is what helps us transform this uncertainty and instability into opportunities for us to develop as people and as a company. It means we can offer our employees the chance to develop within a leading organisation from such an inspiring and innovative model, one that focuses on people's happiness.

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This is Freshpeople's core mission. What is yours?