We work with and for people – both those in our team and guests who choose us. And we love to see how our efforts are rewarded: we are the Best Workplace in Spain.

Being happy at work is a question of attitude, but one’s surroundings also hold great sway. And at Artiem we strive daily to ensure that each member of our large family feels fulfilled. That is why, for the sixth year running, we were declared one of the 50 Best Workplaces in Spain.

As Gabriela Aliaga, our director for people and wellness at Artiem commented: “we must be open, optimistic, empathic, genuine, demanding, attentive to detail, inspiring … to attain our guests’ happiness”. That is why we focus firstly on our employees’ happiness, so they can give their very best to each of our guests. And it is our team who have chosen us as the Best Workplaces for the sixth year in a row and have enabled us to jump two places from last year’s ranking.

One of this family-founded company’s essential values is people’s happiness, emphasising the fact that to attain our goal, we need to have a team of friendly, trustworthy people who convey cheerfulness and offer our guests a healthy lifestyle.

The Fresh People concept is one of happy people who encourage and share wellness culture, along with other similar concepts and an active desire to transform and improve. This has led to who we are today and to the recognition we have received lately: Best Place to Work, Travellers’ Choice …

Authenticity, passion, trust … are key values for Artiem. The optimum choice for travellers who, despite being away from home, want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and their fitness routines.

Artiem Capri, Artiem Audax, Artiem Carlos, Artiem Madrid and our latest addition in Asturias thrive in a continual process of comprehensive transformation with a clear focus on sustainability and people.

So this year, Artiem Madrid has jumped to spot number one in the ranking of best hotels in Spain for its quality-price ratio and sixth place for best hotel in Spain. In addition, it occupies position number 12 among the best in Europe in terms of quality and price.

Meanwhile, our hotel Artiem Carlos in Menorca sits at sixth place among the most romantic hotels in Spain, 23rd among the best in Spain and spot number 22 for customer service.

We will hold to this course: working with and for people who in some sense, whether as employees or guests, all form part of the Artiem family. This is us: one big happy family.