One more year we return with our charity workshops to inspire happiness to those who need it most.

Start your Christmas with ARTIEM! As is tradition, this year we have also organized a calendar of charity workshops for children and adults to share smiles, laughs, hope and contribute our bit to a good cause.

The main objective of ARTIEM is to inspire happiness and, in an era like this, we do not want anyone to be left without, at least, a small dose of illusion. For this reason, for some years now, we have organized charity workshops, coordinated by the members of Freshpeople themselves, to collect food for the people who need it the most.

The operation is very simple: anyone can attend the workshops, you just have to sign up in advance, and in return, the only thing we ask for is 1 kilo of food (not perishable). With very little, you can help many people and also spend a fun afternoon with us.

This year, the workshops will be held in ARTIEM Capri and the options are as follows. Take note of these Christmas plans in Menorca!

Choose the one you prefer and celebrate Christmas with ARTIEM in solidarity. All the food collected will be given to Cáritas for it to be distributed among the families of Menorca who need it the most.

To sign up, send an email to [email protected] with your name, surname and email; confirm the course you want to attend and the schedule. Remember that places are limited!

If you are going to spend Christmas in Menorca, enjoy a different activity with us and inspire happiness to others. We're waiting for you!