Treat yourself with a getaway to Menorca this Christmas and discover the magic that the island gives off during the holidays.

Can you imagine spending Christmas in Menorca? Although it is the favorite summer destination for travellers, the island also has a special charm in winter and during the holidays. The Christmas spirit invades the towns and the streets filling them with lights, decoration, flea markets and all kinds of activities to make these days very special.

Menorca in Winter, and more even during Christmas, is perfect for those looking for a quiet and family atmosphere. It´s the ideal plan to unwind, relax and enjoy the holidays in a very different way. In addition, there is much to see in Menorca in winter, so you will not be short of things to do during your stay. In fact, the villages are filled with activities and Christmas celebrations typical of the area. These are some of the most interesting:

Lighting of the lights with the Llumets

llumet mahon

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Mahón shines during Christmas thanks to the Llumets. These are little goblins whose mission is to turn on the Christmas lights. The legend says that they come from the islet of Colom, in front of the port of Mahón, and that every year, as tradition requires, they appear on the first Sunday of December to fulfill their task. Big and small gather to see these fantastic characters appear and enjoy how they light the lights.

This event marks the beginning of the Christmas holidays and gives way to the different activities that take place during the following weeks: concerts, street markets, dioramas, chimes, horseback riding ...

Christmas Market in Ciutadella

From December 5th until December 8th, the square of the Cathedral of the Ciutadella will be occupied by the traditional Christmas market. It´s installed every year and occupies the surrounding streets, filling the atmosphere with joy and festive spirit. The stalls display all kinds of objects and craft gifts that would be the perfect memory of your visit to the island.

Brunch in Mahón

In the Museum of Menorca, between December 15th and 16th, you can have a delicious brunch in the local style. In addition to food stalls with delicacies brought from around the world, you can meet local artists and check out their work. A wonderful mix of art and gastronomy!

museum menorca

Image: Instagram @museudemenorca

Christmas Concert

On December 21st, the traditional Christmas concert with the choir of Pueri Cantores of the Cathedral will be held in Ciutadella. The group is composed by children from the island who will sing traditional Christmas carols. A real pleasure for the ears!

Also, on the 22nd, the Main Theater of Maó will host a Christmas concert of the Mahón music band. Kiev Portela, one of the most prestigious international pianists from Minorca, will accompany the piano with two pieces.

Try the typical “amargos”

amargos menorca


The “amargos” (bitters in English) are candy in the shape of a crushed ball made with almonds, sugar and egg white. They are typical in Menorca and are always present in local homes during Christmas celebrations. If you want to try them, you can find them in any bakery on the island. Get yourself a bag, you'll love them!

Es Castell Christmas Market

Another of the great events during these Christmas in Menorca is the Christmas market of Es Castell. This is celebrated, this year, from December 8th to December 9th at the Market Square. Along with the lights and decoration, you will find beautiful stalls scattered around the area with artisan products and samples of the local cuisine.

Where to stay this Christmas in Menorca?

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Enjoy Christmas in Menorca with us and treat yourself with the best gift of all: new experiences, well-being and memories to remember forever.