At ARTIEM we have a team of People and Well-being that works every day to create the best work environment. Discover our tricks!

To enjoy your work, the environment around you is fundamental: the relationship with your colleagues, the treatment with the bosses, the working conditions... That is why at ARTIEM we try to create the best atmosphere so that the people of our team work happily and motivated. And it seems that we are doing it well, for several years we have been chosen as one of the best places to work (Great Place to Work) in Spain.

Enjoying working is part of our philosophy and Freshpeople's DNA. We like to arrive every morning with a smile, do our tasks with love and enthusiasm and, at the end of the day, go home satisfied to disconnect until the next day.

In the ARTIEM world we believe that happiness is contagious, that's why we want all our collaborators to be happy in order to transmit that positivity to our clients. This way, they will come to work every day with energy and motivation to offer the best service to our guests.

And how do we manage to enjoy working and create that propitious atmosphere? 

Gabriela Aliaga, ARTIEM's People and Wellbeing director, is the person who, together with her team, cares about the happiness of each of ARTIEM's collaborators and, by extension, of all the company's clients. She is the one who has led this vision from the beginning and who has managed to turn ARTIEM into one of the best companies to work for in Spain.

But what's the secret? Here are some tricks from ARTIEM to enjoy your work. Don't miss this checklist!

  • Define and implement your team's values through activities or dynamics.
  • Set goals for each team member. This way, each employee will know what is expected of him/her.
  • Encourage leadership and make each person feel important within their own area.
  • Take care of your selection process to find people who are in line with your values.
  • Give a good welcome to each new member of the company so that they feel supported by the team.
  • Facilitate the incorporation of new members. Create, for example, mentoring programs for veterans to help newcomers feel at ease.
  • Do activities together to strengthen the bond and the sense of teamwork. We, at ARTIEM, like to participate in marathons.
  • Talk a lot, every day. It improves communication, increases confidence and makes employees feel listened to.
  • Be grateful and show your team that their work is valued. You can offer bonuses for goals, gifts for efforts or recognition of any kind.
  • Organize training plans so that the people on your team grow and stay motivated.
  • Design a career plan that allows employees to know what their projection is within the company.
  • Celebrate everyone's birthday. It is an important date for that person, share it as a team and make that moment special.
  • Celebrate with your team the successes of the company, special occasions and important dates such as Christmas.
  • Offer flexibility in schedules so that everyone's personal life can be reconciled in the best possible way.
  • Take care of your people, take time to get to know each other and create a sincere friendship. It is one of the pillars for the well-being of your team.

With this list of ideas, as well as the tricks to enjoy the work that each one can apply, you will manage to create an ideal work environment for your team. Enjoying the work is possible!

In the end, the secret of it all is to take care of others as you would like them to take care of you.