The City Council of Madrid has chosen ARTIEM Madrid Hotel as the city´s most “Hotel Feliz” (Happy Hotel in Spanish), for its good practices and sustainable business model.

As you already know, our goal is to inspire people to be happy and, therefore, we work every day to make your stay at our hotels a unique and enjoyable experience. And we like to take good care of our team so that they can focus on taking care of you. As a result of our way of doing things, ARTIEM Madrid has received the recognition of “Hotel Feliz” (Happy Hotel) by Madrid´s City Council.

This new award, launched from the area of ​​Tourism, tries to recognize good practices in one of the most important assets of the tourism sector in Madrid: hotels. The goal is to promote a sustainable business model that favors the personal and professional development of the workers.

To obtain such recognition, some of the aspects to be assessed are human resources management policies, personnel training actions, the promotion of family conciliation, gender equality policies ... and more concrete actions such as job stability, the increase of salaries, the improvement of labor conditions and the inclusion in staff of people at risk of social exclusion.

Artiem Madrid Slow Lounge

The jury, formed by the Spanish Association of Tourism Professionals (AEPT), the Association of Hotel Concierges the Golden Keys, the Hotel Business Association of Madrid (AEHM), the Spanish Association of Hotel Governors (ASEGO) and the Association of Floor Maids "Las Kellys"; selected ARTIEM Madrid as a Hotel Feliz (Happy Hotel), among other reasons, for "the general policy of management of integrating personnel, which transmits to society its good practices in that area; to base its success on the success of the team with programs that facilitate the development of its staff, which is hired by the own company, and to achieve their maximum involvement favoring a high degree of loyalty. "

Manuela Carmena, mayor of the city, will hand us this award on January 25th at the stand of the city of Madrid at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR). In addition, the Madrid City Council will launch a promotional campaign in all its outreach channels to make known the values ​​that have made us proclaim ourselves as Madrid´s Happiest Hotel in this first edition.

ARTIEM Madrid has become, thus, the capital´s Happy Hotel and a benchmark of good practices within the tourism landscape of the city. A philosophy that we extend, of course, to our other hotels in Menorca and Asturias.

Without any doubt this recognition, along with others previously received as “Great Place to Work”, encourage us to continue believing in the idea that we can inspire everyone to be happy: both our guests and our team. We firmly believe that if the employees at ARTIEM are well and motivated, they will be able to transmit that good energy to each of the people who book their stays with us. So, more than ever, we will continue working to be that Happy Hotel that you always want to return to.