Are you worried about backsliding on everything you have gained in your training in recent months by overdoing it at Christmas? Here are our top tips for keeping up your routine over the festive season.

Christmas comes and it’s hard to keep good habits going. Many of us will be away from home and eating huge meals, while any time is perfect for “a drink” – and we aren’t talking carrot and celery juice here – with that dear friend we only see at Christmas.
If you’re an athlete, fear not because ARTIEM – the first hotel specialising in “sporadic training” and our leading Freshpeople philosophy – gives you the best tips for keeping up your training routine at this time of year without suffering, without losing the pace you so painfully achieved throughout the year – and without gaining those hated extra kilos.  


1. Run a San Silvestre race
This is a perfect plan to give your new year fresh perspective. So think of the San Silvestre as a fun race because you have to dress up in costume. The perfect plan for running with your friends or on your own. Dive in and sign up to start the year in your best physical shape. 

2. Do even 30 minutes of cardio a day
 Wherever you are – in town or in the country – you can surely find 30 minutes a day to go running, swimming or jumping rope. As well as helping you keep your weight down and losing calories, you will maintain your muscle tone along with your sports routine, which is the quickest thing to lose.  

3. Swap your siesta for a walk
Get moving! If you enjoy an after-dinner yarn, don’t let yourself nap afterwards. Take the chance to get out and see all the Christmas lights and decorations. Enjoy the smell of the festivities, roasted chestnuts, feel the bracing air on your face and be refreshed.

4. Don’t eat through your eyes
At this time of year we tend to overindulge in food. To avoid this, pause to savour each dish and chew thoroughly to satiate yourself without having to taste everything on the table: Mindfulness!  

5. Avoid too much alcohol or soft drinks.
 Alcohol is loaded with calories, causes fluid retention and worst of all, hypoglycaemia the next day – otherwise known as a hangover – meaning you’ll be craving food.  

6. Don’t overdo it at dinner parties
 At Christmas dinners there is such a variety of dishes that we don’t know what to eat – just remember to do so in moderation. The knack? “Try everything but serve it on a dessert plate”. If you can, avoid fatty foods.  

7. Remember to drink water
So much alcohol can’t be good. Many people forget to drink water at this time of year, but it is the only drink that truly satiates and hydrates the body. Don’t forget to drink (at least) two litres of water a day.  

8. Don’t get stressed
 Keep calm … it’s Christmas! Learn to manage stress. It has been proven that Christmas is stressful: presents, relatives, big meals, your routine getting shredded and so on. If this is you, remember it only comes once a year. So enjoy each moment, take a few minutes to meditate and connect with yourself.  


What did you think of these tips for sticking to your exercise routine? Will you put them into practice? If you start with “number one” and aim to run the classic end-of-year race, the San Silvestre Vallecana, we would be thrilled to see you at ARTIEM Madrid! As we mentioned, one of our specialities is “sporadic training”. That is why, if you stay at our hotel, as well as enjoying a pleasant FreshPeople atmosphere, you can rest and train with all our services designed to maintain your training routine away from home:

  • Cardio gym: a state-of-the-art gym so that you get the most out of your training routine on those days when you are staying in Madrid.
  • Gym in a bag: a truly original “welcome pack” in your room. Use it to do stretching, yoga and meditation, as well as all the floor exercises in your training routine.
  • Personal trainers: a team of personal trainers – both indoor and outdoor – will be thrilled to advise and help you so as not to interrupt your sports activities.


 What’s more, if you come to Artiem Madrid, at Christmas or whenever you feel like it, you will wake up every day to a healthy full breakfast, ideal for recovering your strength so you can give it your all in your training routine. A breakfast to recharge your batteries and keep this message in mind: Give it your all! 


  • Keep fit in our gym, equipped with the latest Technogym technology, so you can keep up your training routines even over your holidays. Furthermore, we offer weekly supervised activities, our “Wellness Programme”, and personal training sessions with our professionals to help you reach your fitness goals. With their help, you can optimise your results safely and effectively.

  • Take part in San Silvestre races in several nearby towns. This is a fun, healthy way to bid the old year adieu and welcome in the new one.
  • Join the ARTIEM Club. Christmas is a great time for new resolutions. Why don’t you become a member of ARTIEM Club? This is an exclusive, personalised club offering you a variety of benefits and unique experiences.
  • Lie back in our hydrothermal circuit. After a packed day of activities, delight in a relaxing soak through our hydrothermal circuit experience. This is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.


  • Bliss out with a massage or ritual. Treat yourself to a moment of deep relaxation with our massages and rituals from Alqvimia and Natura Bissé. It is the perfect way to pamper yourself over the holidays.
  • Savour our cuisine. You simply must eat at our restaurant The Green. We offer seasonal and km0 (locally sourced) products, so you can taste the finest local cuisine.


Let this festive season be a time to treat, pamper and keep yourself fit!

Remember, the key is balance: delight in every moment while joyfully keeping to your routine. Happy Christmas training!