Have you ever slept being aware that, while doing it, you are changing other people’s lives? ARTIEM turns your happiness into direct help for families in need with the fundraising action #OneRoomOneLife. See further details to become an active part of it and join us.

We will never forget what we have all gone through these months. This experience is to be written in virtual encyclopedias and even be the main character in Netflix series.

At ARTIEM, we all will always remember the power of our willingness to carry on. This willingness moving us to build all kinds of measures always following our main purpose: to be a company that takes the lead thanks to our innovative and inspiring business model focussing on making people happy, to our commitment to sustainable growth and to making a positive impact on our environment.

Now the time to start up, the time to give a boost to the local economy, the time to work all together has finally arrived. We are dreamers and therefore, while re-opening our hotels, apart from boosting the local economy, we want to help people in need.

And therefore we launch the #OneRoomOneLife movement.

#OneRoomOneLife: One night at ARTIEM helps one family

Next June the 12th we will re-open our hotels ARTIEM Audax, ARTIEM Carlos and ARTIEM Asturias. And we plan to do it in a very special way. During our re-opening weekend, from June the 12th to the 14th, 100% of our income is to be allocated towards the charity organization Cáritas.

Enjoying one night at ARTIEM during our re-opening weekend, you will be providing one family at risk with food for 15 days.

Our goal is to help, at least, 100 families for one year and, in order to make it happen, we need you.


How can you participate? Choose one of these three options:

  • Stay at Artiem Audax, Artiem Carlos or Artiem Asturias during our re-opening weekend, from June the 12th to the 14th. Enjoy the experience and 100% of your payment is to be allocated towards the charity organization Cáritas. Should you stay one night, you will be helping one family. Should you stay two nights, you will double your help. At the end of your stay you will receive a certification of donation issued by Cáritas.
  • Donate towards our ARTIEM Zero Room if you are not able to stay amongst us over this weekend. The earnings received for this room are going to be allocated towards Cáritas and you will get your certification of donation.
  • Donate towards this ARTIEM Solidary Room in any of our five properties all throughout the year. We do not want it to be an isolated action and this way we make it last all throughout 2020. Each guest virtually staying in that room will get a certification of donation.

At ARTIEM we push ourselves eagerly to make it an unforgettable experience that really makes an impact. All members of our Freshpeople are going to work as volunteers over this weekend, always with a smile, shining more than ever.

We wish that this fundraising initiative inspires and encourages other people too. Together we can go even further than we can think of and greatly increase the scope of an action like this. We know that there exist millions of caring hearts, and we look for them in people and companies sharing the same target: the social welfare.

Are you joining us?