Do your shoulders feel lighter? That’s the Asturias effect; your body starts to connect with this unique, natural setting as soon as you imagine it. Well, stop imagining it and carry on reading to find out how you can make it real in just 48 hours with ARTIEM Asturias!

“Toy mayá!” That’s what they'd say in Asturias. It means something like “I’m tired, I can’t take any more”. At this time of year, it's normal for you to want to break with routine to disconnect and find a moment to help you relax and regain your strength for the coming year.

It’s true that there are thousands of ways to find that space in which to relax, but take our word for it; none of them are like Asturias. Nature, delicious food and infinite plans are just some of the many things to do in just 48 hours to enjoy a unique experience in Asturias. 


Wellness experience for 48 hours

48 hours may not seem a lot, but the truth is, we’re sure you will manage to disconnect from your daily life to the point of forgetting about time and making it last forever with this plan that ARTIEM Asturias has prepared for you and your partner.

But if, apart from disconnecting, you intend to surprise your partner, giving them the Asturias experience as a gift could be one of those surprises that are hard to forget.

So, shall we start to see what your next 48-hour getaway of true well-being and relaxation will be like? 


1. Getting a good night’s sleep is the basis of well-being

doble astur room artiem asturias

First things first. You can try out all the relaxation techniques, but none will be as effective as sleeping soundly.

The good news is that this is guaranteed at ARTIEM Asturias, as the 48-hour plan invites you to sleep in the Astur double room, one of the most complete rooms in the hotel. Aside from enjoying the comforts of a spacious room, you’ll also find a special welcome gift waiting for you. 

Because sleeping soundly is good, but it's even better to sleep well and wake up to a breakfast based on home-made local products and amazing views of the garden, in a peaceful rural setting that invites you to contemplate it almost without blinking. Aren't you excited?


2. Eating, enjoying and loving

dinner for two ARTIEM Asturias

Any good plan includes being able to enjoy a delicious wine and cider pairing dinner in a private and special place, that includes local products (KM0).

We’ve taken care of every detail; we know how to pamper you and transform your stay with us into a unique experience in Asturias. So, you can enjoy:

  • A tasting menu.

  • The best wines and ciders Asturias has to offer.

  • Amazing service. 


3. Water washes and repairs everything

couple spa ARTIEM Asturias

One of your favourite moments during your 48-hour getaway at ARTIEM Asturias will most certainly be the SPA and hydrothermal circuit, which you can access every day. 

The circuit is designed exclusively to provide well-being, allowing you to find the relaxation you need and let off steam, both physically and emotionally. What makes it so special? The fact that it’s a dynamic circuit that offers you many options, such as:

  • Pools with underwater jets combined with colour therapy.

  • Steam bath with a starry sky.

  • Contrast showers with mists and essences.

ARTIEM Asturias offers you all this, and much more. The recommendation may come from us, but we’re so sure that you and your partner will find all you need to be happy, that we can promise you won’t find a better place to visit Asturias

In short: the 48-hour plan at ARTIEM Asturias for two from €349 includes:

  • Astur double room for 2 nights.

  • Welcome gift.

  • Breakfast based on local products with garden views.

  • Tasting menu dinner paired with the best wines and ciders Asturias has to offer. 

  • Daily access to SPA and hydrothermal circuit.

*Experience not available for 23, 24, 30 and 31 December.


wellness experience in Asturias

Of course, the spa isn't all there is; we invite you to discover a different way to enjoy your relaxing weekend, and one of the best is to enjoy the natural beauty spots and surprising scenery of Asturias, to disconnect and recharge your batteries.

The benefits of nature on our body and soul are infinite. That is the beauty of our planet, a unique and incomparable place that we must protect, just as it protects us. 

If a biking route through the forest or a stroll through a village on the coast is a synonym of relaxation for you and your partner, then we should tell you that Asturias is the closest thing to paradise on earth. Here is a full guide with the best plans to complement your 48-hour experience for two at ARTIEM Asturias. 

See you soon, #ArtiemLovers! We’re waiting for you in Asturias ;)