When we learnt the BCorp model, we realised what we really needed to develop in the ARTIEM model to keep on progressing.

Last week, in a social gathering with some members of the Conscious Capitalism Chapter in Madrid, I was asked at which moment I decided to become a businessman who believes and declares the principles of Conscious Capitalism. Raj Sisodia and John Mackey describe in their book Conscious Capitalism which those principles are: higher Purpose and core Values, stakeholder Integration, conscious Leadership and conscious Culture and Management. The answer to this question was that I am not aware of a “click” having taken place at a certain moment. I believe that this is the philosophy in which I have been educated. 
It is a fact that after sharing our corporate philosophy in business schools, round tables or social gatherings, I used to feel odd and misunderstood. However, when I met organizations such as Conscious Capitalism or B-Corp and I got to know the businessmen behind them and their principles, then I realised that I found “our tribe”. 
Probably because of my studies of engineering I have embraced this sentence, which was made popular by Peter Drucke:  if it is not measured, it cannot be managed. Following this premise, at ARTIEM we measure all those areas which define the base of our model. We measure the level of satisfaction of our team through tools such as the survey made by Great Work Places or the APP HappyForce. We measure our guests’ satisfaction through partners such as  Geshotels or Reviewpro. We measure our profitability as a company through some financial KPIs. Moreover, we measure our performance in achieving our targets in order to compare ourselves with the best models in each area. 

why did ARTIEM want to become a BCorp
As a company, we had the need to find a method that allowed us to measure our development in two key points: our Circularity and our Business Model. The Foundation Impulsa Baleares enabled us to measure our Circularity through their analytic tool Icirchot and BCorp enabled us to analyse our business model. A BCorp model balances social purpose and economic profit in a company. When we learnt about this business model, we realised that it was precisely what we needed to progress in our model as the ARTIEM model is based on the following two principles: 

  1. We create value for all stakeholders as it is not only responsibility as a company but also a way to create competitive sustainable advantages.
  2. We work for our Team (known as the ARTIEM FreshPeople) to become a group of persons committed to our environment and happy in their jobs. 

These were the two principles on which our Purpose is based (Mission, Vision and Values) and they are to be not only measured by the BCorp model but thanks to the BCorpt model we will also be able to manage them differently and improve them. 

In December 2019 we initiated the BImpact assessment process, which included 284 questions divided into 5 areas: Governance, Environment, Team, Guests, Community. Throughout the process, we had to provide tangible evidence of our answers, which were evaluated according to different screenings. We obtained 83 points out of 200 points, being 80 the minimum to get a BCorp certification. 

This selection process enabled us to improve in different ways. At the first stage, the process helped us to formalise processes and policies which already took part in our philosophy but had not been drawn up expressly. We realised that we had room for improvement in areas such as Guests or the Environment at which we thought that we were good. The process exposed us to our actions and we realised the long way we had to go. For this reason, we started participating in initiatives such as 0 Plastic Menorca or other initiatives that help to raise awareness of the protection of the environment. These are the reasons why we decided that we had to become a BCorp.

After we took part in the BCorp community, in August 2020, an amazing trip started for us. A trip together with acclaimed companies such as Patagonia, Danone or Triodos Bank, amongst others, which aim to turn our world into a better one, actively participating in a universal initiative. 

BCorp Spain

A trip that we had started on our own, became a trip together with other travel mates with which we can now share experiences, knowledge and contacts. This way we will not only get further but also we will become a better company for the world –for instance, with our initiative Aportam, respecting our environment and making a positive impact through our supportive actions to develop the local economy. Building this way a legacy for our children and for our society and being proud of acting this way. 

Having the chance to follow a model that enables us to measure ourselves in order to progress in our purpose and belonging to a community that aims to change the world and make it a better one boosted the decision process to be part of BCorp movement. 


Pepe Díaz