We are all responsible for taking care of the natural world. Keen to do our part, ARTIEM joined the 0 Plastic Menorca movement, helping raise awareness about the plastic polluting the Mediterranean and forge a more sustainable future. Read on to find out more

Did you know that 126 tonnes of plastic end up in the sea each day in Spain?

And that, as a consequence of this, 100,000 marine mammals and 1,000,000 seabirds die each year? 

Did you know that on average each and every one of us ingests 5 grams of plastic a week? That’s the equivalent of a credit card. 

At ARTIEM we are well aware of the tourism industry’s pivotal role in leading positive change. Determined to do our bit, we regularly take part in initiatives aimed at reducing the use of plastic with the ultimate goal of making our hotels more environmentally friendly. 

For years we have been involved in projects that raise awareness about the challenge and clean up the beaches lining the Menorca coast. This year, both our team of FreshPeople and guests came together for this worthy cause. 



For the second year, ARTIEM took part in the 0 Plastic Menorca movement, run by YouSocial Volunteer and local association Per La Mar Viva. The mission is clear: to get more and more people and organisations involved in their activities across Spain. 

After the successful expeditions in 2020 and 2021, this year the third expedition has been organised in Menorca under the slogan "Diving Expedition" to collect the "invisible plastic" that is on the seabed. Why do we talk about invisible? Because around 70% of the plastic in the oceans is at the bottom and cannot be seen, but this does not mean that it does not exist. 

0 Plastic Menorca

From the 22 to the 25 September 2021, 30 volunteers from around Spain came together to collect plastic from the sea and the coast. ARTIEM joined these daily excursions, offering accommodation at ARTIEM Carlos to all the volunteers taking part in the operation. 

Though the plastic collections will most certainly help the environment, to make sure our future is a sustainable one we also need to raise awareness about the way we use the material in our daily lives. 

companies committed to reducing plastic - ARTIEM

To this end, ARTIEM Carlos screened the documentary "Out of Plastic" after putting on a tasty vegan barbecue for the volunteers. The evening came to a close with an interesting talk by Guiem Sintes, our Director of Quality and the Environment.

Additionally, the hotel held an art exhibition featuring materials collected from the sea by artist and environmental activist Naroa Carvajal Prado.

Following the clean up on the 25 September, the plastic collected was sifted through at ARTIEM Carlos. There was a total of 220 kg of plastic and more than 4000 pieces of microplastics. In addition, during the expedition, the volunteers rescued a sea turtle entangled in drifting fishing nets.

turtle entangled in plastic

0 Plastic Menorca promotes the circularity and reuse of plastic that finds its way into the sea; part of what was collected will be used by the Menorcan artist Jimmy Pons to make oil biscuits that serve as the basis for works of art, thus commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Petrolart project. On the other hand, the Menorcan clothing brand South will use all the bottle lids found to make rings. Last year, part of the collected plastic was donated to the company Pwani Menorca, which used the PET bottles and lids to create the soles of its Menorcan sandals. 


criba de plástico con los voluntarios 0 Plastic Menorca en ARTIEM Carlos en Menorca

At ARTIEM we are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to take care of the planet and support collaborators that share our culture and values

Our work with 0 Plastic Menorca is just the start of a long journey together, aimed at shining a spotlight on the issue and fighting for a Medierranean that is free from the material. 


Beyond plastic: ARTIEM’s environmental initiatives

ARTIEM is committed to supporting movements that are in line with our B Corp vision, namely “to be a leading company with an innovative and inspiring model, focused on people's happiness, and with a commitment to sustainable prosperity and the positive impact on the environment.” But we also seek to constantly improve and optimise our processes through our B Impact Report

local products consumption at ARTIEM

Here are some of our main lines of action: 

  • We look after the environment by carefully managing the waste and plastic generated by our hotels. All of our hotels separate waste for recycling and handle dangerous waste correctly. 
  • We get our guests involved in activities designed to preserve and take care of the natural world. 
  • We collaborate with non-profits, providing economic support and our staff.  
  • We run projects aimed at showcasing our culture and traditions. 
  • We choose local produce and products. 
  • We work to include local suppliers in our value chain. 

Want to find out more about everything we’re doing at ARTIEM for our planet? Learn more about our 8/80 Project.