Asturias is perhaps best known for its verdant mountains and woodland, but it is also blessed by stunning beaches lined by the Cantabrian Sea. These spectacles of nature will take your breath away. In this post, we will list the five most beautiful beaches in the region. Take a look and then come and explore.

Some places win our hearts from the moment we arrive: Asturias is one of them. Whichever way you look you will see mother nature at her wildest, the verdancy of the mountains fusing with the glistening blue of the Cantabrian Sea. Extending for over 340km, the coastline is defined by impressive cliffs, deep caves and - of course - beautiful beaches. Expansive, tiny, sandy, pebbly, nestled among the rocks: however you like your beach you will find it here. During your time in Asturias, you simply have to come and explore the treasures of the Cantabrian. That’s why we thought we’d put together a list of the five most beautiful beaches in the region. Have a scroll and feel inspired. 


Gulpiyuri Beach

Playa de Gulpiyuri

One of the best and, arguably, most unique beaches in Asturias is Gulpiyuri. So what is it that makes it so special? 

Well, it is completely landlocked with the Cantabrian Sea nowhere in sight. A hundred metres from the coastline, Gulpiyuri looks, at first glance, like a small lake or natural pool. However, it is connected to the sea through an underwater channel and has 50m of sand, meaning that it is, indeed, a beach. 

In 2001, the beach was declared a Natural Monument, measuring just 40m. It is also part of the Protected Landscape of the Eastern Coast of Asturias scheme. Another unique thing about Gulpiyuri is the tide. At high tide, there is hardly any sand at all whereas at low tide, the water escapes from the way it came in, leaving the scenery dominated by sand. 

This beautiful Cantabrian beach has no services and the nearest village is Naves. To access the beach, you will need to walk along a country path through the green meadows. But it is absolutely worth the effort. 


Torimbia beach

Playa de Torimbia

The second beach to make it onto our list of the most beautiful in Asturias is Torimbia. Located close to Llanes, this picturesque slice of the coastline is embraced by impressive cliffs reaching 50m into the sky. Since the 1960s, the beach has been a popular spot among the nudist community, meaning you can enjoy a total sense of freedom during your time here. 

Over the years, Torimbia beach has aged gracefully. Shaped like a shell or crescent moon, the expanse of soft sand gives way to clear waters that beckon you to come and take a dip or two. 

To get to Torimbia, you’ve got two options. You can either walk down a good path to the western part of the beach or take the wild trails down the slopes, ending up on the eastern part. 

At high season, there is a chiringuito (beach bar) on the beach. If you’re on the look-out for a magical spot to enjoy the Cantabrian waters, Torimbia beach is it. 


Beach of Cuevas del Mar

Playa de Cuevas del Mar

The spectacular scenery of Cuevas del Mar beach will blow you away. Perforated rocks and cliffs define the seascape, creating an intricate network of tunnels and caves (which gives the beach its name, in Spanish cueva means cave). As the tide goes down, nature’s masterpiece is revealed

The beautiful beach is located at the mouth of the river Ereba close to Nueva de Llanes. Cuevas de Mar is a popular choice among tourists who love the white sands, stones and beautiful waters they find here. 

It’s very easy to get to the beach and there is a carpark, so you don’t have to worry about where to leave the car. There is also a recreational area where you can spend hours gazing at the views and feeling the sea breeze caress your skin. Simply dreamy. Come and experience it for yourself. 


El Silencio beach

Playa del Silencio

No exploration of the Asturian coastline is complete without a trip to El Silencio beach. Extending for 510m, the beach is decorated with a unique line of islets that float along the shore, making it a truly spectacular sight. 

The beach is principally formed of pebbles, rather than sand, imbuing it with a wild beauty that will leave you lost for words

And then there are the emerald waters. Created by the lack of sand in this part of Asturias, this unique and attention-grabbing hue will get you reaching for your snorkel. As you put your head under the surface, an underwater world of wonder will be revealed to you. Everything you need is here: the seascape, the marine life, you. Breathe in the serenity and feel your soul be replenished.

Asturias is full of off-the-beaten track spots so make sure to explore the region from top to toe. At El Silencio, there is a trail that leads you to a viewing point at the top of a cliff, which affords the most spectacular vistas of the beach. Absolutely worth the effort. 


Cadavedo/La Ribeirona beach

Playa de Cadavedo, La Ribeirona

We couldn’t leave Cadavedo / La Ribeirona off our list of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias. This immense stretch of the coast extends for 53,000m2 at low tide, leaving plenty of space for you to enjoy a day of sun, sea and sand. 

The scenery enveloping the beach will first capture your attention. Leafy woods and a small hórreo (a raised granary typical of the area) perch on the hillside, overlooking the waters. The beach has got an interesting past. In Medieval times it was a whaling spot while now it is a tourist destination, with visitors making their way to enjoy the shell-shaped sandy and pebbly beach. 

There is a road connecting the beach from Cadavedo and a large carpark so you don’t need to worry about parking. So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy this spectacular seascape


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This list has just scratched the surface of the most beautiful beaches on the Cantabrian coast; there are many, many more to see and enjoy. All the beaches described here are no more than a 50-minute drive from ARTIEM Asturias. A wonderful place to stay if you want to enjoy the Asturian coast, mountains and cuisine. And if you have little time to discover the natural paradise, we propose the best plan of what to see in Asturias in 3 days. Book your stay today and start dreaming about discovering picture-perfect villages, verdant mountains and spectacular beaches. We can’t wait to see you.