Nature, disconnection, infinite seas, deep-rooted traditions... Gastronomy, sport, peace and rebalance. Asturias is all that and much more. We have prepared the best plan for you of what to see in Asturias in 3 days.

If you’re looking for a well-defined plan, we at ARTIEM can recommend things you can do on this 3-day break to practise conscious tourism in Asturias and get the most out of each moment. In a natural setting, less than 10 minutes from Gijón, ARTIEM Asturias and all its services await you, to make your weekend in Asturias a memorable experience.

We want to make things easy for you, and so we’ve included in this article the most interesting things to see in Asturias and a few tips to allow you to discover the most attractive parts of Asturias, generating the least possible impact. 


What to see in Asturias? Our programme is as follows:

  • Day one is for city lovers with a visit to the city of Gijón to admire its palaces and “hórreos” (granaries), its culture and its extraordinary gastronomy. 
  • Day two is dedicated to sport and nature, on a bike ride or a walk through its magnificent natural beauty spots.
  • Day three we propose a walk along the cliffs, through what is no doubt one of the most attractive areas of Asturias.


Every day starts and ends at ARTIEM, where our #Freshpeople will take care of you and recommend the best restaurants in Asturias for example, to make your stay a memorable experience, where you can relax and enjoy our exclusive facilities and services.


Things to see in ASTURIAS in 3 days


 Day 1 - discover Gijón

what to see in gijon

Start the day with a healthy breakfast at our restaurant The Green, which serves exquisite local, healthy food that will give you the energy you need to spend a wonderful day walking through the streets of Gijón. Let’s go!

Our first stop is the Museum of the Asturian People. Granaries and barns from the 18th and 19th centuries, typical Asturian houses, ancient farm implements and photographs will allow you to imagine what life was like for the labourers of Asturias.

We are delighted that Gijón is the perfect city to see on foot. Enjoy a stroll through attractive sites such as the historic Cimavilla neighbourhood, the oldest in the city. Wander through its streets and see its inhabitants and hear the personal stories of the “playos”, the name given to all those who were born in this neighbourhood.

Open your mind to the immensity of the sea and the world. 

You are near the “Elogio del Horizonte”, a sculpture by Chillida located on Cerro de Santa Catalina, accompanied by the sound of the wind and the waves… A height of 10 metres beneath which to feel at one with the nature that surrounds you. Peace and quiet for your soul.

Another place not to be missed is La Plazuela del Marqués, perhaps the most photographed square in the city, with its statue of Don Pelayo and the Palace of Revillagigedo. 

It is filled with people coming and going and has many restaurants and cider houses close by where you can stop and try the local cuisine. It also has the “Árbol de la Sidra” (Cider Tree) a monument that is lit up at night and was built with 3,200 bottles of cider to remind people about the importance of recycling glass. Close by, next to the marina, you can take a photo of “Las Letronas” (“letters”) of Gijón.


Do you have more time? We are not fond of haste and certainly not during the holiday season, so, depending on what you have planned for the afternoon, what about a visit to a cider mill to see how cider is made? You can go on your way back to the hotel.

Now, it’s time for a rest after a day of walking through the streets of Gijón. Try our SPA where you can relax while you ready your palate for a delicious supper. 

The Green Restaurant Lounge awaits you, with its 5 stars of fusion between tradition and innovation, offering you a marvellous sensory experience.


Day 3 - Sporty time

asturias in a weekend sports artiem

Enjoy your favourite sport or activity in a unique setting. Today, active nature and relaxation.

Enjoy breakfast with views of our garden and breathe in nature. Start the day with one of our yoga or Pilates classes we offer in the garden (weather permitting). Or if you prefer, you can use our excellent gym facilities and outdoor heated pool, among others. 

And to make sure you make the most of the natural wonders that surround us… We’ll show you the best nature walks and help you choose those that best adapt to your tastes and needs.

How would you like to discover our routes today, with their spectacular views; hiking trails, cycling routes…?


bike routes asturias in 3 days

As part of our wish to offer you sport and relaxation, ARTIEM Asturias is a Cycling Friendly establishment. Our love for two wheels drives us to pay special attention to cycling. We offer you customised cycling routes with departures from the hotel and a wide array of services and facilities for this activity.

After enjoying your active experience surrounded by nature, regain your strength in our SPA on your return to the hotel. Add the final touch to your perfect break with a spa circuit, a sports or couples massage, a steam bath under a starry sky and end with an exquisite supper in which every last detail is taken care of. Your only question will be “When can we return?”


spa artiem asturias in 3 days


Day 3 - impressive cliffs

And for a fantastic ending to your break, on the last day, we propose a couple of routes along the most impressive cliffs on the coast of Asturias.

Views and cliffs at a height of 80 metres above a wild, infinite sea. An image to store in your mind’s eye and treasure.

After a delicious breakfast, pack your hamper for a very special picnic. Collect your backpack with the provisions and get ready to enjoy the spectacular meadows on the clifftop. 


what to see in asturias in 3 days cliffs

Just under one hour from ARTIEM Asturias is Cabo Busto.  A 7.9 km long circular route starts out from the village of Bustu that passes through farmland, pine and oak groves, riparian forests and, most important, along the edge of the cliffs where there are wonderful views of the beautiful lighthouse and incredible views of the rocky beaches and the horizon stretching from west to east. The walk takes about two and a half hours, at a comfortable pace.

Choose the perfect spot and take out your chequered tablecloth. Make a toast to happiness: discover new places in the best company. Enjoy our gourmet skewers paired with the best natural cider. 


Look around you, could you ask for more? 

On your return to the village, choose a dessert at Pastelería Cabo Busto (it is advisable to order in advance). One of the best cake shops in the country, with a wide range of popular Asturian tarts, for instance, creamy rice pudding, home-made jams and creative desserts.

We’ll now set out for the second stop. Watching the sunset at Cabo Vidío is priceless.


Admire the scenery on the Ruta de los Bancos de Vidío. This long line of cliffs has a series of solitary benches in privileged sites overlooking the sea. They are considered the benches with the best views in all Asturias. All you have to do is sit down and feel. Look, close your eyes and take in that marine horizon.

If you feel like exploring, you can also descend to the Cueva de la Iglesiona, a huge semi-underwater cave formed just below the lighthouse, which is difficult to enter and can only be visited at low tide.

Then, at the end of the day, with your mind caught up in the immensities of the Cantabrian scenery, we will welcome you back to ARTIEM with a delicious, replenishing supper. Follow it with a farewell drink in the pleasant Green Restaurante Lounge. 


Discover Asturias with ARTIEM

At ARTIEM we designed a personalised plan to discover the most authentic places in the natural paradise. Discover Asturias with ARTIEM with our experience that consists of two nights in a double room, breakfast with garden views and a mindful spa circuit.

Before your arrival, a member of our team will call you to ask about your preferences and prepare you for the best experiences and activities in Asturias. During your stay, you will feel like you are an Asturian.

We at ARTIEM Asturias will always be waiting to welcome you because we are here for you. Choose your next date.

Shall we start the journey?