Chase sunsets in Menorca with this guide of the best places to enjoy the sunset. You will not see the same twice!

The sunset is one of those the most magical moments of the day and a perfect plan while you are on holidays: the sun hiding behind the horizon, the sky dying with colors and by your side, contemplating the show, a special person. If you want to know which are the best places in Menorca to enjoy this moment, here you will find the answer.

The island will give us a different sunset every day; perhaps, some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Therefore, even if you see the sunset one day after the other during your stay in Menorca, we can assure you that each time it will be a new and unique experience.

Take note, because we have made a selection of the best places in Menorca from which you will have privileged views at sunset.


Lighthouse of Cavalleria or Punta Nati: sunset with sea views

punta nati

When visiting Menorca you will discover that the island is dotted with lighthouses all along its coast. Both the Cavalleria Lighthouse and the Punta Nati Lighthouse, very close to the Ciutadella, are perfect places to watch the sunset. They are open spaces where you can see how the sun shines in the sea and, as it gets dark, the light of the lighthouse becomes more bright and illuminates the horizon.


Pont d'en Gil: nature show

One of the most impressive places in Menorca is Pont d'en Gil, a rock bridge that looms over the sea. It is a large hole in one of the cliffs next to the Ciutadella, which serves as a frame to see through at sunset. Enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island while the sky is dyed with colors during sunset. You can go by boat and cross under the arch or take a short walk from Cala'n Blanes.


Cala Morell: sand, sun and drinks

cala morell

Enjoy the sunset in Menorca from Cala Morell; specifically, while you enjoy a cocktail at Ivette Beach Club. Discover this beautiful terrace that looks out to the Mediterranean. A perfect place to spend a romantic evening.


Mount Toro: sunset from the heights

Monte Toro

One of the essential things to do in Menorca is to visit Mt. Toro, the highest point of the island at 358 meters above sea level. Choose a clear day to climb and wait for sunset. If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you will enjoy a 360 degree view of the island in the most magical hour.


ARTIEM Carlos and ARTIEM Audax

cala galdana

Thanks to the excellent location of our hotels, we can enjoy every day beautiful sunsets overlooking the port of Mahon and the calm waters of Cala Galdana. With us you will not have to go far to enjoy the sunset ... you'll just have to get to one of our terraces.


Somewhere in the middle of the sea ...

If you like adventure and sports, do not hesitate and take a kayak excursion to see the sunset from the sea. The specialized team of ARTIEM Audax will guide you to reach a point where you will  enjoy the views four yourself and a small snack. Can you imagine a more special sunset?


The best beach clubs ...

Some of the most beautiful places in Menorca to watch the sunset are the beach clubs that are spread around the island. A comfortable and relaxed way to dismiss the day and start the night ... Some of the most recommended are:

  • Cova d'en Xoroi: located on a cliff above the sea, it is one of the most famous places on the island. Its views are unbeatable, although it's usually very crowded.
  • Hola Ola Mediterranean Beach: located in Cala Blanca, this place offers a relaxed and more informal atmosphere.
  • Isabella Beach Club: located in Platges de Fornells, at the edge of the sea and with several terraces decorated with Mediterranean style.
  • Paupa: the perfect place to enjoy the sunset and full moon parties during summer. It is located in Torret.


Now that you've discovered the best places in Menorca to watch the sunset, choose where you want to see it every day. Check the hours, arrive early, take a nice spot and enjoy! Put the finishing touch to a perfect day on the island and take with you the best collection of sunsets you've ever seen.