At ARTIEM, we Freshpeople have got the Christmas spirit and we want to share our happiness with you. A happiness based on being better together and building a better world.

For this reason and many more, this Christmas 2022 we want to create solidarity activities with an impact that will help us show a heartfelt gesture towards the people around us and the environment. Will you join us?

We all have a memory of one Christmas in particular. Some gifts make an impression, so much so that they remain in our memory for ever. But we're not referring to tangible gifts, but to experiences, which, after all, are moments that leave an impression.

Christmas is a magical time, it invites us to leave our problems behind and love and respect each other and do our bit to make needy families and people happy.

That's why ARTIEM wants to inspire you to experience Christmas with a purpose. How? By proving that acts say more than a thousand words. 



We want to invite the #FreshPeople and #ArtiemLovers to enjoy all the activities and gifts we’ve prepared, to return kindness and love to the world and inspire each other to be the best people for the world, which, when all is said and done, is the most important message of all.


Solidarity Room

In 2020 we had a dream; to create a Solidarity Room to help families in need through a creative campaign with a social impact. Today, we have raised more than €140,000 to help many people live in a fairer world with many more opportunities. 

habitación solidaria artiem

We’ve learned that solidarity is not making a donation once a year. For that reason, our Solidarity Room is available all year round to give you the chance to make a donation whenever you want. 

If you still don’t know what to give this Christmas, we invite you to give a unique gift laden with solidarity and opportunities. Can you imagine yourself sleeping and knowing that while you are doing so, you’re changing peoples’ lives?

Give a stay in our Solidarity Room at any ARTIEM hotel and share the thrill and joy of Christmas with those in need. 100% of the price will be donated to Cáritas.


Solidarity markets

There’s nothing better than to have fun and share good times with your family while you help build a better future.

Christmas markets are a great option for purchasing and preparing sustainable gifts with a positive impact on the environment and on those who receive them, as they will love them!

ARTIEM solidarity markets

On 2 December, the Menorcan Freshpeople organised a solidarity market at ARTIEM Capri to spend together an afternoon full of solidarity and to share with excitement solidarity activities such as a Christmas biscuit workshop with storytelling for children.

On 17 December, we are organising another charity market, this time at ARTIEM Asturias, where we will enjoy: 

Charity market with products with a second life: toys, clothes, crafts and much more (12h - 20h).

Solidarity Christmas wreaths workshop given by "Una Maceta Basta" (Sustainable flowers). Admission 50€/person with a donation of 5€ to Raitana. Maximum 15 people (17h - 20h).

Christmas decoration workshop with Raitana. Free entrance with free economic contribution. Maximum 20 people (17h - 20h).

We are waiting for you to live an afternoon full of excitement and share good moments that will also leave a positive mark. 


Gifts wrapped in solidarity

You surely know the saying “less is more”. Well, we've taken it very seriously and this Christmas, giving ARTIEM as a gift means dumping less waste in the environment with our sustainable gift boxes made from recycled jeans with the help of Sheedo, a B Corp that shares our values. You can give the packaging made of ecological materials a second life and use it as a jewellery box, a picture frame or any use you can think of.

sustainable gifts ARTIEM

What about the solidarity part? The fact that the planet doesn't suffer, and also that we donate €10 of the selected ARTIEM experiences.

Everything is positive. You can give your friends and family a memorable and sustainable experience while you help those in need. Hats off!

Each of ARTIEM's hotels has its own gift experience that you can transform into a direct aid of €10 to the most vulnerable households. So, just choose your destination and enjoy experiences wrapped in solidarity:

  • In ARTIEM Asturias you’ll find Aqua Aquae Asturias, a one-night stay for two that includes a thermal circuit, breakfast and pairing dinner. 

  • Visit ARTIEM Audax in Menorca with the Aqua Aquae gift, a relaxing stay with the same conditions as Asturias in a premium room with a terrace.

  • Enjoy the most romantic evening at ARTIEM Madrid. Love for Love includes a night for two in one of our superior rooms with a late check out and a romantic amenity as a gift. 

  • ARTIEM Capri invites you to try its Capri Love experience, a night for two with a hot tub and access to Le Petit Spa, with steam baths, a sauna, a heated pool and a natural solarium. 

  • We’re still in Menorca. If you prefer ARTIEM Carlos, its Pleasures for two experience is the perfect gift. Relaxation and good food in a room with terraces and exclusive views.


We hope you’ll join in the solidarity Christmas activities of ARTIEM and enjoy them. Or make your family and friends happy by giving them a solidarity experience as a gift. 

Thanks to you, we’re the best HO, HO, Hotels for the world.

Happy Christmas!