Get ready to experience an unforgettable Easter Week in Madrid!

Easter in Madrid is a vibrant time full of activities and events for all tastes. From traditional processions to cultural and gastronomic experiences, the Spanish capital is always ready to welcome locals and visitors with a wide variety of plans.

Are you planning your Holy Week in Madrid? Here is a selection of 10 exciting activities not to be missed.


1. Watch the passing of a procession

Experience the excitement of Madrid's Holy Week by watching the official processions. From the emblematic procession of the Christ of Medinaceli, which takes place on Good Friday and crosses the main streets of the city center from the parish of Jesus de Medinaceli, to the impressive procession of Silence, which takes place on the night of Good Friday, every moment is steeped in tradition and religious fervor.

In Madrid, Holy Week is a unique celebration where the people of Madrid express their devotion with great emotion. Regardless of your religious beliefs, witnessing how the city's inhabitants accompany their saints with passion and how the streets of the center are decorated for the occasion is an experience worth living.

This year, all of the processions will pass through the emblematic Puerta del Sol, adding an even more special touch to this festivity that is so significant for the people of Madrid.


2. See the exhibitions of the moment

The city offers a wide variety of exhibitions that will satisfy all tastes and artistic preferences. The major museums are always a must-see option, but we also encourage you to explore other lesser-known halls and spaces that house equally interesting proposals. For example, the Palacio de Liria has inaugurated a new space dedicated to contemporary art, while the María Cristina Masaveu Foundation exhibits works by Sorolla and Bosch that you cannot miss.

Don't forget to visit the unmissable Tàpies exhibitions at the Reina Sofía and the immersive Van Gogh exhibitions at Nomad Museo - you won't regret exploring these exciting cultural proposals during your stay in the capital!


3. Eat a good cocido

Take advantage of Easter in Madrid to participate in the exciting Cocido Madrileño Route, where you can discover the best restaurants that offer this emblematic dish. Until March 31, about 40 restaurants in Madrid, Segovia and Toledo join together to offer a complete menu that will allow you to enjoy the authentic flavors of this traditional recipe to the fullest. Don't miss the opportunity to delight your palate with this delicacy so characteristic of Madrid's gastronomy. Join the Cocido Madrileño Route and let yourself be conquered by its exquisite flavor during Easter in Madrid.


4. Discover Madrid's newest museum

The Museo de la Luz, the latest jewel in the city's cultural landscape. This new museum will take you on a fascinating journey through unforgettable visual experiences that combine art and technology in an innovative way.

Located in the heart of Madrid, the Museo de la Luz invites you to explore a world of light and color that awakens the senses, this new proposal focuses on light art, offering a unique perspective on how light can transform our environment and our perception. Located between the neighborhoods of La Latina and Los Austrias, on Calle Segovia 2 and near La Latina metro station, the Museo de la Luz opens its doors on Friday, March 22 to offer you an unparalleled sensory experience. An hour-long tour that will leave you amazed with its visual effects and digital landscapes and will make you discover the power of light in the heart of the Spanish capital.


5. Stroll around Madrid

With the arrival of good weather, the city is transformed into a paradise of parks, gardens and cozy terraces that invite you to disconnect and enjoy moments of serenity. Enjoy a tour of Madrid's emblematic parks and gardens, such as the Olivar Castillejo, located next to the Plaza de Castilla, or the lush Palacio de Cristal. Unwind in Madrid Río, an extensive park along the banks of the Manzanares River that offers an oasis of greenery in the middle of the city. Take advantage of the good weather and discover the natural beauty and tranquility that Madrid has to offer.

6. Try the best torrijas in Madrid

This emblematic sweet is the undisputed star of the season, and in the Spanish capital you will find a wide variety of options to satisfy all tastes.

From the most classic recipes, soaked in milk and flavored with cinnamon and lemon, to the most innovative creations that defy the limits of imagination, restaurants, taverns and bakeries in Madrid will surprise you with their offer of torrijas. Let yourself be seduced by the soft texture and irresistible taste of this traditional dessert, each place has its own interpretation of torrijas, offering you a unique and delicious experience. Discover why they are this season's favorite sweet in Madrid.


7. Have fun at the latest musicals

Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of the shows offered by the vibrant Madrid scene. From immortal classics like "The Lion King" to the most recent novelties like "The Producers," there are options for all tastes and ages, ensuring an unforgettable theatrical experience for every spectator.  Discover the talent of local and international artists as you immerse yourself in the captivating stories and breathtaking musical numbers that make musical theater a unique and exciting experience. Whether you are a seasoned fan or a casual spectator, musical theater in Madrid has something for everyone, offering moments of joy and wonder that will linger in your memory long after the curtain comes down.


8. Discover the history and art of Madrid in the churches and cathedrals.

Immerse yourself in Madrid's rich history and impressive religious architecture by visiting some of its most emblematic churches and cathedrals. In addition to the famous Almudena Cathedral, discover lesser-known but equally impressive temples, such as the Basilica of San Francisco El Grande, with its magnificent dome, or the charming church of San Antonio de los Alemanes, decorated with stunning frescoes. However, one of the most outstanding stops is the Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida, where you can admire the exceptional pictorial ensemble created by the renowned Francisco de Goya. The works on display exhibit the mastery and unmistakable style of the painter, adding a unique dimension to the spiritual experience offered by this sacred place. 


9. Organ Music and Saetas

Enjoy the heavenly music of the organ in the historic Parroquia de San Ginés, where the emblematic series of organ concerts are held. Enter the sacred atmosphere as the chords resonate in the centuries-old walls of this temple, transporting you back in time.

Also, marvel at the saetas sung from the balconies as the processional images pass by, a moving expression of devotion that is part of Spain's rich cultural tradition. Let the emotion of these songs envelop you as you watch the solemn passing of the religious figures, creating a unique and unforgettable moment during Holy Week in Madrid.

10. Attend the classic tamborrada

Bid farewell to Holy Week with a flourish by participating in a spectacular tamborrada on Easter Sunday. Experience the unique atmosphere of this celebration as hundreds of cofrades fill the streets of the city with the vibrant sound of drums, bass drums, timbales, timbaletas and cornetas, creating a melody that captivates all present. At 1 p.m. sharp, this exciting parade begins, where music and devotion come together in an unforgettable experience. Watch as the cofrades walk through the streets, marking the rhythm of the procession with their instruments, while locals and tourists immerse themselves in this unique cultural manifestation.

The starting point of this fascinating route is the Plaza del Conde de Miranda, next to the Jerónimo del Corpus Christi Monastery (Convento de las Carboneras), and this year the route is expected to end at an emblematic place such as the Puerta del Sol, adding a special touch to this centuries-old tradition.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this sensory and emotional experience that marks the official closing of Holy Week in Madrid. Join the tamborrada and experience moments of emotion and joy in the company of the Madrid community. The tamborrada awaits you to bid farewell to Holy Week with an unforgettable show!


And so much for our selection of 10 exciting plans to experience an unforgettable Easter in Madrid! Whether you are a lover of art, gastronomy, culture or simply looking to enjoy special moments with family or friends, the Spanish capital has something for everyone. 
To make the most of your Semana Santa in Madrid in a comfortable and safe way, we recommend you to plan your trips in advance and opt for sustainable means of transportation such as public transport or walking. This not only contributes to environmental sustainability, but also allows you to move around the city with greater agility, avoiding the typical crowds of the season. In addition, walking through the streets of Madrid offers you the opportunity to discover hidden corners and enjoy the architectural and cultural beauty of the city as you move from one place to another.

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