Do you want to dine at one of the best restaurants in Menorca? Savour the tastes of Menorca at Restaurant Medi: tradition and local produce. You’ll be charmed!

A region’s culinary tradition may transmit many things: what the landscape is like, what resources are available, what customs the society has and so on. So Menorca’s culinary offerings at ARTIEM Carlos are designed to take you on a journey of the senses, letting you discover the most famous dishes in Menorcan cuisine. Prepare yourself to enjoy one of the best restaurants in Menorca.

The taste, smell and texture of each mouthful whisper Menorca’s secrets in your ear: if fish, you will discover the richness of its seas; if a tomato, you will envision the colourful market gardens in its hinterland; and if a local wine, you will imagine Menorca’s vintners creating that delectable nectar in the traditional way.

At ARTIEM we value history and tradition, and are proud of our roots. That is why we want to share with each of our guests a small parcel of our wonderful land through its purest and most nobly created tastes. We apply the devotion of a lover to our restaurant menus, sourcing local producers to stock our pantry and cellar. Because if it is from Menorca, you will notice the difference.

To set sail on this journey, we recommend you visit Restaurant Medi at ARTIEM Carlos. The culinary experience will charm you: local produce of the highest quality, prepared with love and an attention to detail moments before serving it to you at your table. One of the best restaurants in Menorca!

Take your time to choose what you will order because the selection is varied and each dish is delicious: fish, salads, meats and much more. 

In addition to our spectacular culinary offerings, Restaurant Medi offers you the chance to dine in a unique location: on Port Mahón’s waterfront. Hotel ARTIEM Carlos is located right on the shore of the city’s natural harbour, deemed the second largest in the world. The history of the spot is fascinating, but best of all are the views.

Imagine sitting down to a beautiful romantic meal with your partner, pleasant music playing in the background and a view of the boats, their navigation lights winking, plying to and fro in the harbour. You will feel as if you were aboard one of those vessels, contemplating the sea and the sky, in the company of the one you most love.

If you want to surprise your partner with a delightful gift, give them dinner for two in the moonlight at Restaurant Medi in ARTIEM Carlos or a dinner and spa session with sea views. Take advantage of these special packs to set sail on this unique culinary voyage!

As you can see, Menorca’s culinary offerings can be found at ARTIEM hotels, some of the best restaurants in Menorca. As well as ARTIEM Carlos, at ARTIEM Capri and ARTIEM Audax Cala Galdana you can also taste Menorcan cuisine.

At ARTIEM Audax Cala Galdana, Restaurant Oliva and Restaurant Galdana offer you a fresh and tasty experience. At ARTIEM Capri, you will discover Menorca’s best breakfasts in El Living.

Set sail in this unique experience captained by ARTIEM. Our passion for Menorca has led us to study its customs, traditions and most emblematic dishes so as to recreate them in our kitchens. Furthermore, we use local producers to source the most authentic tastes.

Savour Menorca with ARTIEM’s culinary offering!