Menorca, the crown jewel of the Mediterranean, hides many treasures, but few are as impressive as Cala Galdana. With white sand and crystal clear waters, it is the perfect destination for a dream getaway. Here are five reasons why Cala Galdana is the perfect destination for a holiday in Menorca.

1. Prime Location

Where is Cala Galdana?

Cala Galdana can be found on the south coast of Menorca, between Ferreries and Ciutadella. Its central location provides easy access to other parts of the island, making it an ideal spot from which to explore.


How to get to Cala Galdana

Getting to Cala Galdana is easy, just a quick 40-minute car journey from Menorca Airport. The drive through landscapes brimming with island charm will set the stage for the extraordinary experience that lies ahead. If you prefer a more relaxed and sustainable option, there are also regular buses from Mahón and Ciutadella that will take you directly to this idyllic bay. For those looking for a hassle-free start to their stay, ARTIEM also offers transfer services.

This strategic location makes Cala Galdana the ideal starting point to discover every charming facet of Menorca's identity. Its proximity to other outstanding destinations on the island makes it easy to explore places such as Ciutadella and its historic architecture, or the S'Albufera des Grau Natural Park, a haven of unspoilt wilderness and wildlife. Cala Galdana offers both adventure and relaxation just a stone's throw away.


2. Dreamy Beaches

Cala Galdana is famous for its white sandy beach and turquoise waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. But that's not all. A short distance away are other stunning beaches such as Cala Mitjana, another bay nestled between pine-clad cliffs. Those who

choose to walk from Cala Galdana, through lush Mediterranean woodland, will be rewarded with serene, sparkling waters and golden sand. Also nearby and to the west we find Cala Macarella, with clear waters and soft sand. And for those in search of true calm, Cala Macarelleta offers a hidden paradise among rocks and woodland. Continuing on foot from Cala Macarella, or even by kayak from Cala Galdana, this tiny cove offers an exclusive and memorable experience.

The opportunities to enjoy the sun, sea and sand at Cala Galdana are endless. Whether exploring the nearby beaches on foot, or diving into seaborne adventures on boat or kayak, every corner of this stunning bay is an opportunity to relax and relish in Menorca's coastal beauty.


3. Exquisite Food

On the menu at Cala Galdana

At Cala Galdana, every bite is a culinary experience that awakens the senses and delights the palate. Discover authentic flavours and innovative culinary fusions at local restaurants, where quality and creativity combine to offer an unforgettable experience.


Oliva Restaurant: Where cooking becomes art

Found at the heart of ARTIEM Audax, Oliva is much more than a place to enjoy an exceptional meal; it is an interactive culinary experience. Here, chefs prepare your dishes in front of you, fusing the best of national and international cuisine with their signature touch.


Galdana Restaurant: A journey through time to the very essence of Cala Galdana

Immerse yourself in 1970s flair at Galdana Restaurant, where modern taste meets classic style in the form of an international buffet, inspired by Mediterranean flavours. But the real jewel in the crown is the exclusive ‘Chef's Table’, a unique culinary experience sampling an exquisitely crafted tasting menu and exceptional food pairings.

Oliva Terrace: A haven of open-air bliss

When the sun shines over Cala Galdana, there is no better place to be than at Oliva Terrace. Overlooking the garden and pool, this outdoor setting is the perfect place to enjoy a variety of Mediterranean dishes, specialised primarily in rice dishes. Experience the freshness of local ingredients and exceptional hospitality from breakfast/lunch through to dinner.


The View - Pool Club - Menorca Mood: A panoramic dining experience

On the hotel's roof terrace, among sun loungers and Balinese beds, is The View - Pool Bar/Club, where the views of Cala Galdana bay are as spectacular as the food. From a variety of world-inspired dishes to creative cocktails, this is the ideal spot to unwind and savour the sea breeze, while indulging in the finest in local and international cuisine.


Blue Café: A space for relaxation and productivity

Whether it's for morning coffee or comfortable remote working overlooking the bay, Blue Café is the place to be. With a light menu of classic tapas dishes and drinks, this cosy space is ideal for enjoying a moment of relaxation or diving into a spot of work. They also offer take-away options and special deals such as Happy Hour and Afternoon Tea, so there's always something new to try at Blue Café.

At ARTIEM Audax, there’s something for everyone on the menu. Our restaurants are open to the general public. So, whether you are staying with us or just visiting Cala Galdana, come and try our delicious menu and warm vibes. We can't wait to host your culinary adventure in our Mediterranean paradise, unlike any other you've experienced before!


4. Activities for all

What to see in Cala Galdana

Aside from its beautiful beach, Cala Galdana offers a host of activities and places to visit. Explore the Barranc d’Algendar, an impressive natural canyon, or enjoy the views from the Sa Punta viewpoint.


Activities in Cala Galdana: Where sport and nature converge

Fun takes on a whole new meaning in Cala Galdana, as nature and sport collide to offer its visitors some unique experiences. From thrilling water sports adventures to relaxing wellness sessions, there is something for all preferences and energy levels.


Kayak & paddle board: Discover the coast at your own pace

Nothing brings you into contact with this beautiful coastline quite like exploring by kayak or paddle board. Delve into spectacular caves, snorkel among remarkable natural wonders, or simply relax in the coves only accessible by sea. Head out before nightfall to witness the magical sunset from your kayak!

Wellness Programme: Recharge your batteries in nature

Looking for a way to recharge? ARTIEM Audax's Wellness Programme offers a variety of activities based on nature and sport. From yoga and pilates, to spinning and personal training, each activity is designed to re-energise and replenish the mind, body and soul. And best of all, these activities are available to everyone, not just hotel guests!

Cycling: Explore Menorca on two wheels

Menorca is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts, and with ARTIEM Sports, you can discover every track and trail. Whether you prefer guided tours or independent adventures, our facilities, including bike hire and specialised services, will give you the freedom to explore the island at your own pace.


Gymnasium: Reach your fitness goals With ARTIEM

Prefer to train on dry land? The spacious gym facilities at ARTIEM Audax offer everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. From supervised classes to state-of-the-art equipment, you'll find everything you need to boost your physical performance.


Blue Spa: Immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation

After a day of exhilarating adventure, what better way to relax than in the thermal baths at Blue Spa? From hydro-massage pools to saunas and Turkish baths, our Spa offers an unparalleled wellness experience. Best of all, these services are available to anyone staying on the island, so what are you waiting for? Ready to indulge in Blue Spa’s soothing tranquillity? Or treat yourself to a recovery or relaxation massage?

At Cala Galdana, fun and relaxation go hand in hand. Our activities and services allow you to enjoy everything this paradise has to offer, even if you are not staying at the hotel. Come and make some unforgettable memories in the natural paradise that is Menorca!


5. Premium Accommodation

Hotel in Cala Galdana

For an unforgettable stay, choose a hotel in Cala Galdana that offers exceptional comfort and the highest-quality services. ARTIEM Audax has everything you need to relax and enjoy your time in Menorca. Look forward to a perfect stay with comfortable rooms and stunning views, all set in an unbeatable location. What's more, our commitment to sustainability ensures that your stay is also environmentally friendly.

In short, Cala Galdana is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a getaway filled with natural beauty, extraordinary adventures and delicious cuisine. Don't wait any longer, book your stay at ARTIEM and discover everything this Menorcan paradise has to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cala Galdana, your next perfect getaway!