What would a trip to Madrid be without sampling its iconic tapas? Discover the Spanish capital's vibrant gastronomic culture and savour the flavours of the most authentic corners where locals enjoy these culinary creations.

From historic taverns to bustling markets, Madrid offers a wide variety of options to satisfy any craving. And to complete this unique experience, what better place to stay than ARTIEM Madrid. With a prime location and exceptional service, ARTIEM Madrid is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to explore the city and enjoy an unforgettable stay. 

Join us for a tour of the 18 best places to enjoy tapas like a local and experience the authentic flavours of this wonderful city. 

La Venencia 

Immerse yourself in the history of Madrid at La Venencia, a tavern frozen in time. Its wooden barrels and dust-covered bottles tell a story of decades of tradition and culture. Every sip is a unique experience. 

Tip: Don't leave without trying the five types of sherry on the menu, or the traditional tapas dishes that accompany them. 




Renowned for having the best patatas bravas in Madrid, Docamar has become a landmark in Madrid's Quintana neighbourhood. Its signature sauce and homely atmosphere make it a must-visit for tapas connoisseurs. 

Tip: Make sure to order a generous portion of patatas bravas with their trademark sauce for an experience your taste buds won't forget. 


Casa Revuelta 

This tiny bar is revered for its battered cod, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, a real treat. Although it tends to fill up quickly, every bite is worth the wait. 

Tip: Go early to avoid the crowds and make sure to savour every moment in this timeless setting brimming with flavour and tradition. 


Las Bravas 

This place is known for one thing above all else: its patatas bravas sauce, a secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1933. 

Tip: Although the bravas are a must, don't miss their other popular tapas dishes that will take you on a journey through the history of Madrid's gastronomic culture. 



An emblem of the Chamberí neighbourhood, Fide is thought by many to be one of the best breweries in Madrid. Their speciality is a selection of preserves, cold meats and fresh seafood served with a well-drawn beer. 

Tip: Sample their wide selection of fresh seafood, Iberian pork sausages and magnificent preserves including cockles, mussels and ventresca (tuna belly). Don't miss their anchovies! A real treat. 



As torreznos specialists (a traditional fried bacon snack), this popular bar attracts lovers of this crunchy delicacy from all over the city. Since 1956, their torreznos recipe has remained true to its principles, using Iberian pork belly from Ávila fried on a medium heat. 

Tip: Make sure you try the torreznos fresh, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. 

Casa Enriqueta 

A bastion of Madrid's traditional offal dishes, Casa Enriqueta, staunchly defends its star dish: gallinejas y entresijos (lamb offal). Founded in 1958, this family-run business has been passed down from generation to generation. 

Tip: The secret to their success lies in using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods, such as frying the offal in its own fat. As well as their most popular dishes, Casa Enriqueta's menu also includes zarajos (marinated lamb intestines), madejas, (lamb offal), chicharrones (fried pork belly), canutos (fried intestine), mollejas (beef or lamb sweetbreads), croquettes and squid. 


Casa Lucio 

Renowned for their exquisite huevos estrellados (fried eggs), this iconic Madrileñan hotspot is an essential stop for any keen foodie. Founded in 1974, it has retained every once of its original charm and quality, attracting diners from far and wide. 

Tip: Be sure to book in advance to guarantee a table at this ever-bustling restaurant. 


San Miguel Market 

Despite being known as a bit of a tourist trap, the San Miguel Market (in Spanish, el Mercado de San Miguel), offers a wide variety of tapas and gourmet products in an unforgettable historic setting. Ideal for a quick bite to eat and the chance to sample a number of exciting dishes in one sitting. 

Tip: Don't rush. Take your time to wander around the market's stalls and indulge in Madrid's authentic flavours.  



Known as the kings of the Spanish omelette, Sylkar is a culinary icon of the Chamberí neighbourhood. With pinchos of freshly-cooked juicy omelettes served with a coffee or well-drawn beer, this place is a favourite among fans of good food and a homely atmosphere. 

Tip: Don't miss the chance to try their famous ham and picadillo croquettes, a treat favoured by locals. 


Sala de Despiece 

Run by chef Javier Bonet, this small restaurant measuring just 50 m2 on Calle Ponzano is a brick-and-mortar love letter to the traditional tapas of Chamberí. Designed and decorated to mimic a cutting room (hence its name), Sala de Despiece offers seasonal products along a bar where expectant diners also sit to eat. 

Tip: First come, first served. Look out for their hand-written menu, featuring unusual and original dishes made with the best produce, and a wide selection of wines ranging from whites and rosés to Japanese sake. 


El Huerto de Lucas 

An organic market and canteen offering high-quality, organic tapas. Perfect for clean-eating foodies, El Huerto de Lucas is well known for their commitment to using fresh and sustainable products. 

Tip: Don't miss their fresh juices and vegetarian tapas, a healthy take on authentic flavours. 


Taberna de Antonio Sánchez 

Founded in 1830, Taberna Antonio Sánchez is the oldest tavern in Madrid; a vibrant atmosphere coupled with traditional tapas in a classic Madrileñan setting. Steeped in almost 250 years of history, this is the ideal place to enjoy the best of Spanish cuisine. 

Tip: Try the callos a la madrileña (stewed tripe) and browse their wine list. Other popular dishes include oxtail, cocido madrileño (chickpea-based stew), olla gitana (‘gypsy’ stew) and, of course, callos a la madrileña. 


Casa Labra 

Founded in 1860, Casa Labra has left an indelible mark on Madrid's culinary scene with their delicious soldaditos de pavía, a Spanish delicacy of battered cod, and its old-world atmosphere evoking decades of tradition and flavour. 

Tip: Don't miss the chance to try their cod croquettes and tuna tacos, two of their most acclaimed dishes. 


Casa Alberto 

Founded in 1827, Casa Alberto is known for its delicious callos a la madrileña (stewed tripe) and its time-honoured atmosphere that evokes decades of history and culture. Located in the very building where Cervantes himself once lived, Casa Alberto is a both a gastronomic and cultural treasure in the heart of Madrid. 

Tip: Not to be missed are their soups and stews, accompanied by an excellent wine that enhances the flavours of this unique experience. 


Casa Toni 

The best pig's ear in Madrid is served at Casa Toni, a traditional tavern that dates back to the 1960s. This is no-frills eating, just the honest work of a magnificent kitchen and unbeatable service. 

Tip: Don't miss the chance to sample their wide tapas menu, such as: zarajos (marinated lamb intestines), offal and sweetbreads, as well as steamed mussels, cuttlefish, battered squid, fried anchovies, aubergines, kidneys and chorizo sausage, all top-quality products. 


Bar Sidrería El Tigre 

Immerse yourself in this vibrant ambiance and abundant tapas; a favourite spot among locals for great cider and food. Nestled in the heart of the Chueca neighbourhood, this unassuming bar has become one of the most frequented tapas spots in the area. 

Tip: Arrive early to get a table, especially on weekends. Try their Spanish omelettes, rice dishes, pork shoulder and chorizo sausage, accompanied by a refreshing glass of cider. 


Cervecería Alemana 

Founded in 1904 by German industrialists, the Cervecería Alemana is a must, found in the Plaza de Santa Ana in the Barrio de las Letras neighbourhood. With a décor that has remained unchanged since it first opened its doors, it is one of the city's most renowned classics. 

Tip: Some of their most popular dishes include boiled prawns, octopus in vinaigrette, clams, steamed mussels, battered sardines, fried anchovies, Manchego cheese, Iberian cured meats, Spanish omelette and German sausages. Enjoy a cold beer on their open-air terrace in summer. 

From the classics like patatas bravas, to innovative creations and twists on traditional dishes, Madrid is a paradise for tapas lovers. Every corner of this city holds a culinary tale and a treat for the senses that will allow you to immerse yourself in the rich history and tradition of the Spanish capital. Ready for an unforgettable gastronomic experience? Come and discover why Madrid is heralded as one of the world's most exciting culinary capitals. 

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