The Enoughism movement is thus born, a way of life that combats consumerism, with its philosophy of “neither too much nor too little”. Do you want to know more about it? Read on, ARTIEM will tell you in detail.

We live with the constant feeling that we are missing something; we do not know what it is, but we are endlessly looking for it, plunging into a consumption routine that only makes us feel that we have fewer and fewer things, which generates a permanent state of anxiety.

“You are not your job. You are not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive. You are not the contents of your wallet. You are not your khakis”. Have you ever heard these sentences? If you saw the film Fight Club, you will remember Brad Pitt in the role of Tyler Durden saying it, and many other truths about the importance of understanding that our life is not defined by what we have in terms of material things. This is also advocated by people who have decided to join Enoughism for the purpose of removing excessive consumption from their lives and welcome a simple life, free of unnecessary products. 


John Naish, in its book Enough (the concept from which the word “Enoughism” is born) explains two reasons why following this lifestyle will make us happier:

  1. We will feel better when removing products which are not necessary to live. 
  2. Our planet will benefit because we will generate less waste. 


Were you already working on a simpler lifestyle? Maybe you have been practising Enoughism for some time and you did not know it. Although it is true that in ARTIEM we think no movement as such is needed to practice responsible consumption, you only need to be willing to change the world and do things better. Here we tell you about some of the many benefits generated by a more conscious, responsible lifestyle:


1. Lower impact in the environment 

enoughism what is it

Reducing environmental impact is probably one of the most significant benefits that we can generate in favour of the planet and the future. 

The 3 R’s (recycling, reducing and reusing) are the way that will carry us through the road of sustainability, as it is up to us to protect the environment and natural resources. And don’t forget that they are limited! 

In ARTIEM we are committed to the environment, and perform some actions such as preferring local products, reducing water consumption and cleaning the environment with actions such as 0 Plastic Menorca. Because the only fingerprint we would like to leave is the memory of having found happiness during your stay. 


2. Support to local economy 


It is not only cheaper, delicious and healthy to choose fresh products and from Km0, it is also a way of enhancing and developing circular economy, choosing local products. 

However, the benefits are not only local, but they are also environmental because, when choosing these local products, you are contributing to reducing waste from products that are damaged during transfers (it is estimated to be 30% worldwide) and also the emissions from refrigeration and transportation.


3. Enhancement of Human Rights

Are you surprised by this benefit? One of the greatest contributions of not having a lifestyle based on consumerism is its positive impact on people and the community. 

When we make the decision of responsible consumption and stopping excessive, unnecessary consumption, we are supporting local commerce (as explained above), and hence we are contributing to improving the working conditions to make them more equal, inclusive and fair, promoting a decent work culture. 

We do this at ARTIEM, by promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for all people, through the actions we carry out for the integration and social inclusion of the #Freshpeople.

4. Economic savings 

enoughism saves money

Who doesn’t like to save? You don’t need to practice Enoughism to get a greater control over your income and expenses.

Using water and light consciously, stopping buying products that are not beneficial for our health and leaving the "fast fashion" are the first steps to start saving and also following a simpler life.

It is a chain of good things: you stop consuming unnecessary products, saving all that money at the end of the month. A win-win situation! Your well-being, your finances and in particular the planet will benefit from it. 


As you can see, "Enoughism" is not only a matter of reducing consumption, it is also a movement that has a social, political and environmental impact, as it rejects how economy, based on extreme globalisation, currently works. If you want to deepen into this matter, please read this article which explains in detail the base of this anti-consumption movement. 

Come on #ArtiemLovers, be happy just with what is enough! Gain experiences, times and good memories, that without a doubt, are much better than collecting unnecessary products.