ARTIEM’s purpose is to inspire people to be happy, and we do this with no exceptions, starting with our Freshpeople. At ARTIEM, we strive to guarantee equal opportunities for all through the actions we promote for integration and social inclusion.

The Management of ARTIEM has always shown a vivid interest in supporting inclusion and we have always been in favour of diversity. For this reason, we constantly search for initiatives that will help us generate value for society while we endeavour to continue to fulfil our purpose.

Among the actions we take, we wish to highlight the successful partnership of almost a decade with Incorpora, which started in 2014 through an employment programme in which we promote employment and job opportunities for vulnerable people.

A rewarding partnership that brings benefits to all parties. It has enabled us to learn what inclusion is and discover, with our Freshpeople, the reality of our society, with its diversity, abundance and the different capabilities of people in real life. It provides us with a broad vision that enables us to maintain a solid basis for managing inclusion and disability among the ARTIEM staff.

Down Madrid ARTIEM

From the start, through the Kitchen Assistant course organised in 2014, ARTIEM has incorporated three beneficiaries of the Menorca Foundation for People with Disabilities, one of whom is still with us today as a full-time ARTIEM employee. 

Later, in 2017 and again in 2021, we organised two very successful training activities, including one targeted at Multipurpose Hotel Staff and another for Surface Cleaning and Disinfection. In these courses, ARTIEM offered its facilities at the ARTIEM Carlos and ARTIEM Capri hotels in Menorca, as well as contributing to providing experts in the different subjects taught (catering, reception and cleaning) in order to provide all the students with its know-how and expertise and prepare them for their subsequent recruitment in different employment categories.

As the result of these activities and the effort to find for each of the students and future employees the best position in which to develop, both personally and professionally, we have incorporated more than 10 people into our team, some of whom have been working with us, in different positions, as full-time employees for the past 5-8 years.

Inclusividad laboral ARTIEM

Furthermore, ARTIEM has accepted trainee students and their training has on many occasions enabled them to find jobs. We at ARTIEM take inclusion criteria and social welfare very seriously, and for this reason we never stop looking for new opportunities to contribute to achieving full inclusion. 

In fact, in each of our hotels, we have staff who seek opportunities to create social value in the area and put them into practice, through initiatives as successful as the continuous cooperation we have with the Down Madrid Association. 

As part of this initiative, in 2019 we set up a Catering Course in which we offered 7 students the opportunity to acquire kitchen skills and dining room service, with which to implement their job access opportunities.

In addition, as is customary, every year at Christmas, our generous Freshpeople kindly organise the ARTIEM Solidarity Workshops. Different online and in-situ workshops that also offer other people the chance to collaborate through charitable leisure. The funds raised are donated to different social charities, including associations such as AMAQTEDU, Down Madrid or Raitana Association, which work to improve labour inclusion for vulnerable groups.

workshops down madrid and artiem

At ARTIEM we have always put people in the centre, but the pandemic made us rethink and review how we did things. Therefore, re-humanising our company and going even further towards inclusiveness took centre stage in our strategy.

BCorp Podcast Gabriela Aliaga

We at ARTIEM are proud to see that thanks to all the activities we have put into practice to promote inclusivity, our Freshpeople are made up of diverse professionals who work together to form a team, learning and enjoying through experience. The truth is, it comes as no surprise that our Freshpeople have honoured us with the Great Place To Work award for the 10th year in a row.

The opportunity to share work and a team with an abundance of diversity is, of course, quite stimulating. And the fact that they have rated ARTIEM as a great place to work says a lot about a team that shares our mission, vision and values, and works day by day with enthusiasm to support ARTIEM's philosophy.

Freshpeople ARTIEM

Freshpeople and ARTIEM, two parts of a whole that put caring for people and the planet before everything else. Because making people happy is the best way for us to be happy. For an inclusive, diverse and happy society.


Gabriela Aliaga 
People and Wellbeing Director at ARTIEM