Menorca in winter? The answer is “of course”, as the island maintains its appeal during the twelve months of the year.

Traveling to Menorca off the summer season can really surprise you. The island offers a more relaxed atmosphere and it´s possible to visit many locations where you won´t find any crowds. It´s an ideal time to enjoy the landscapes, culture, sports and cuisine of the island. So if you were wondering what to do in Menorca in winter, read on!  

Menorca doesn´t close for the low season, instead it keeps its appeal during the twelve months of the year. Although it´s famous for its virgin coves that are enjoyed, especially in the summer, in winter you can also find many interesting activities, relax and visit any corner with much more tranquility.

winter menorca

Image: Bartolomé Martínez Jover

Another advantage to keep in mind is that winter on the island is not too aggressive, so it will not stop you from spending time outdoors, strolling along the deserted beaches and practicing some outdoor sports. The average temperature is 12 degrees, although in the northern area the north wind usually blows and the sensation can be a little lower. The water, in case you dare to take a bath, stays at about 14 degrees.  

When looking for what to do in Menorca in winter, you´ll discover that the island is still a true paradise in which to enjoy a different kind of getaway. To prove it, we share a small guide with activities in Menorca in winter that will help you plan your next trip.  

Mahon and Ciutadella  

Mahon and Ciutadella are the two main cities of Menorca and they well deserve a visit. At this time of year you can enjoy all its historical heritage without hurries or crowds. So take the chance to get lost in the historic center of Ciutadella, visit the cathedral, the market and its small port where you can dine or have a drink in one of its beautiful restaurants.

cathedral ciudadela

In Mahon you can´t miss the port, which is the second largest natural harbor in the world, after Pearl Harbor. Once you have explored it calmly, head to the city and enjoy its atmosphere. Make sure to include in your journey a stop in the Plaza de España, the Fish Market, the Puerta de San Roque and the Carmen Church.  

Also, if you wish, you can stay in Mahon at the ARTIEM Capri hotel. It´s located in the center and has a spa for your moments of relaxation and a terrace on the roof where you can enjoy a unique view of the entire city.  

Archaeological sites  

Menorca is a true archaeological paradise, since more than 1,500 deposits belonging to the Talayotic Culture have been found. And it is that the prehistory of the island covers a wide chronological period, from the arrival of man towards 2500/2100 a.C. until the Roman conquest in 120 a.C. The Talayotic era covers a very wide phase of the insular prehistory and its name is given by one of its most characteristic moments: the talayot.

menorca history

When deciding what to see in Menorca in winter, it can be very interesting to explore the origins of the island. For this, we recommend you visit the Torre d'en Galmes or the Naveta d'es Tudons, as they are some of the most iconic sites. The latter dates from 1200 a.C. and is one of the most important prehistoric funerary monuments in Europe.

The Camí de Cavalls

You can also put on your shoes and head to the Camí de Cavalls. It is a path that surrounds the whole island along the coast and allows you to discover at your own pace many of the landscapes that predominate in Menorca: deserted beaches, green meadows, lush forests, wetlands ... It also has a historic interest, as it was used in ancient times to watch the coasts and to be able to see in advance the boats that were approaching Menorca.

In winter the trek is very appealing, since the sun and the heat are not an obstacle to walk longer. Of course, make sure to check the weather forecast to know in which area of ​​the island the weather is more pleasant.

Mt Toro

Although mountains aren´t Menorca´s highlight, there is one mount located in the center of the island, with 358 meters of height. Getting to Mt Toro viewpoint should undoubtedly a must in your travel plan. From there you can enjoy unmatched panoramic views and contemplate the landscape. Try to choose a clear day to make sure you can see how the island extends to your feet.

Fishing villages  

Visiting village and magical places is another of the things you have to see in Menorca in winter. There are several corners but, without a doubt, one of the most endearing is Fornells. This small coastal town keeps alive the tradition of fishing and its small port, full of boats, is charming. That´s why its restaurants are famous for preparing some of the best lobster stews on the island.  

Gate of Eos  

Menorca is the first place that sees the sun every morning in Spain. A Catalan artist named Francesc Calvet created a large sculpture so the sun's rays had a good frame. It receives the name of Door of Eos in honor to the Greek goddess of the aurora. If you want to visit it, head for Cales Fonts, a pretty town with a strong British atmosphere.

Gastronomic route  

Menorca is a place that also invites you to take a gastronomic route and discover the rich cuisine of the island. The most recommendable thing is to try Menorcan seasonal dishes and so you can taste the products of the area. At this time of year, mushrooms, stuffed aubergines, rice with artichokes and pork rib, jam or cuttlefish are typical. In the restaurant Es Tast de na Silvia de Ciutadella, for example, they specialize in local-products based gastronomy, so it can be a good option to taste the true flavor of Menorca.  

Where to Stay?  

Besides deciding what to see in Menorca in winter you will also have to decide where to stay. At ARTIEM we have three hotels on the island: ARTIEM Audax, ARTIEM Carlos and ARTIEM Capri. The latter is the only one that remains open throughout the winter season, so it will be your ideal option if you come to the island from November to March.

ARTIEM Capri, your hotel in Mahon, will allow you to enjoy the island in winter. You will enjoy a perfect location in the center of Mahon to move comfortably and enjoy the services and activities of the area. Also, if you're looking for a little relaxation, the hotel has a small spa where you can enjoy treatments, massages and a Jacuzzi with views. Check the special experiences and gifts at ARTIEM to make your stay even more special.

With all this, you can plan a perfect trip to Menorca in winter and discover that the beauty of the island remains alive throughout the twelve months of the year.