Are you looking for the perfect destination for a family holiday packed with unforgettable adventures? Then Asturias is the ideal spot for you and your wee explorers!

Located in northern Spain, this region offers a wide variety of activities to make your days here truly memorable. From enchanting beaches to magical trails and fascinating museums, Asturias has something for everyone in the family.



One of the most thrilling experiences you can have in Asturias is exploring its stunning coastline. Asturian beaches, caressed by the waves of the Cantabrian Sea, are much more than just stretches of sand and sea. Spots like Gulpiyuri Beach’s geological uniqueness will amaze you, while San Antolin Beach is the perfect canvas for beach adventures with the little ones.
But the Asturian coast holds even more surprises! The Bufones de Pría, natural formations that eject geysers of salt water, are a true marvel that will leave the entire family speechless. The roar of the sea against the rocks creates an impressive spectacle that will capture the attention of young and old, awakening their fascination for nature.
You can also discover the fascinating world of the deeps at Gijón Aquarium. Ideal for curious children keen to explore the ocean’s wonders.



If you are keen to discover the region’s culture and history, Asturias has loads to offer. In Gijón, the Atlantic Botanical Garden offers an educational and fun experience for children, where they can discover the region’s native flora. Furthermore, the Niemeyer Centre in Avilés offers not just an architectural feast for the eyes but also cultural activities for the whole family.
For those interested in regional history and nature, a visit to the teito huts of Somiedo or the caves of Andina in the Feliz valley provides a unique insight into Asturian heritage. And if you are passionate about car racing, don’t miss the Fernando Alonso Museum and Racing Circuit in Llanera, where you can discover the career of one of the great Formula One champions.
But don’t forget to explore the Asturias Gold Museum in Navelgas to discover Asturias’ cultural richness and learn all about local tradition linked to mining and gold in the region. You can complement this by travelling back in time at the Valle de Samuño Mining Ecomuseum, which offers educational and exciting times for the whole family. Visitors can get on at El Cadavíu Station and walk along the old coal road through the restored railway trench. A unique experience in European industrial tourism.



For those wishing to delve even further back in time, Asturias offers exciting prehistoric experiences. The Prehistoric Park of Teverga and the Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA) will show you the fascinating world of dinosaurs and our ancestors. A visit to the cave of Tito Bustillo is a must, where you can admire cave paintings dating back thousands of years.
It also runs along the Camín Encantáu, a magical path spilling over with charm and legends, ideal for exploring with the entire family, surrounded by forests and Asturian folktales, creating a memorable experience.
Discover too the impressive Cuevona de Avín, where you can learn about life during the glacial period in the Picos de Europa. Explore the Glacial Fauna Interpretation Centre, which houses reproductions of mammoths, giant deer and woolly rhinoceroses, amongst others.



Lastly, to experience nature at its best, we recommend you walk the Senda del Oso (Bear Trail) and visit the bears in Proaza or go wolf-watching in Belmonte de Miranda. These experiences will take you through beautiful landscapes and let you to get up close to some of the region’s most fascinating creatures.
Furthermore, you can explore inside a hórreo traditional storehouse in Bueño, a fascinating chance to understand the local architecture and how foodstuffs have been preserved since ancient times.

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So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and come discover Asturias’ magic with your little adventurers! We await you with open arms in this natural paradise in northern Spain!