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Coronavirus updates

Everything is ready to take care of the most important, yourself. 

We have been through rough weeks living one of the most complicated and unusual situations of last years. From the beginning in ARTIEM, our priority has been to protect the health of those around us.  We have been working intensively creating a series of actions to provide the maximum level of hygiene and health security under the compromise of taking good care not only to our guests but to our staff, suppliers, external partners and our environment


Living the ARTIEM experience totally safe as our priority 


Following the recommendations of the document “Measures to reduce contagion of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 for hotels and tourist apartments” issued by the Institute of Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE) and endorsed by the Ministry of Health, we inform you that ARTIEM has created a contingency plan where you can find all the measures taken to reduce the risk of contagion and guarantee the security for COVID-19, always focusing on our mission of inspiring people to be happy thanks to our unique experiences. 

These measures have been developed together with our experts on prevention services (PREVIS y ASPI) and with Sebastia Crespi team, founder, and president of the consulting firm Biolinea Internacional, with several years of experience on the field. 

In ARTIEM, we have established a series of practices and policies, on our services, our facilities and our FRESHPEOPLE, following the principles: 

  1. Hygiene: We have revised our cleaning and disinfection protocols. 
  2. Security distancing: We have planned our tasks and processes to guarantee the security distance through an analysis of people circulation and space distribution. 

We provide of signals with mandatory guidelines to follow and hand sanitizer all around our facilities, with a distribution that guarantees social distancing and hygiene.  


  • The travel restrictions and safety measures totally depend on the Spanish Government and/or the Government of each autonomous community and can be modified according to the rules established by these institutions.
  • ARTIEM does not manage PCR test bookings. You can ask your travel insurance company what private clinics offer this service.
  • Please, check the current travel conditions a few days before traveling to Spain.

Find more travel information:

Travel to Menorca

The Government of Balearic Islands offers all national and international travelers a repatriation insurance policy in the event of COVID-19 infection during holidays on the islands. Check the following web page for more information:

General guidelines at the hotel 

  • Previously to our opening, a complete cleaning and disinfection has been made all around our hotel facilities. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at every main point of our hotel facilities.
  • Our FRESHPEOPLE have been instructed to follow specific measures in all areas, such as management, reception, elevators, toilets of the common areas, housekeeping, maintenance, merchandise reception, kitchen, restaurants, bars, terraces, activities and leisure areas such as gym, spa, offices and all the rooms.
  • Our staff and external partners are ready and prepared to make your stay safe following the new protocols. 
  • Credit card payments and other electronic ways of payment will be encouraged, avoiding if possible, the use of cash. It is also preferable to charge all your expenses at the hotel to your room. 
  • All our staff will be working wearing individual protection equipment for yours and our safety.
  • The capacity of all our hotel facilities has been revised to ensure social distancing and comfort. All the areas will be signposted and delimited. 

Common areas:

  • We have increased our cleaning and disinfection frequencies of our schedule at our common areas, gym, activities, rooms and terraces. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at all our reception areas. 
  • You will find signs with use recommendations at elevators and at the toilets of the common areas. 

Reception area and rooms:

  • Check-in Online will be available on our website. 
  • The capacity of the reception area has been revised and modified. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at all our reception areas. 
  • Cleaning and disinfection frequencies have been revised taking special care on the most used surfaces. 
  • We have removed the objects and decorations less used in the rooms. 
  • We will clean your room once you are not inside.
  • Increased frequencies of preventive maintenance on the most important facilities (air-conditioning system, heating, hot water, filters, cleaning temperatures…) 
  • We will access to your room for maintenance reasons only if you are not inside. 

Our Hotels in Menorca.

Smoking is not allowed in our hotels, not even on the balconies of the rooms. It will be possible to smoke in specially equipped spaces in the hotel if there are any.

Bar and restaurant:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at all our bars and restaurants.
  • We will provide show cooking service and assisted buffet increasing hours of service and shift allocation, minimizing social contact risk and food contagion.
  • We will take you from the entrance to your table, and we have introduced measures to avoid your need of moving around during your meal. All this, to ensure that this special moment when you are enjoying our great gastronomy, you do it relaxed and in harmony.  
  • Tables will be set upon your arrival and cleaned up and disinfected after every use. 
  • In order to improve your gastronomic experience and at the same time comply with the sanitary requirements, we have self-service facility in the coffee area, whereby the keypads are regularly disinfected.
  • We maintain security distance in our restaurants, bars, and terraces for your comfort.
  • We have reduced the number of tables at the restaurants and bars to keep 2 meters of security distance. 
  • The requirements related to the number of people allowed to stay at indoor and outdoor tables will be met according to the alarm level of each region.
  • We will provide digital menus via QR codes and we can offer physical menus in case you prefer them, always disinfected for each guest. In addition, we have blackboards where you can comfortably choose your gastronomic preferences. 
  • We have canceled the stand-up bar service and our waiters will serve you at the table. 

Pool area:

  • We have reduced the number of deckchairs available and the terrace capacity of the swimming-pool to guarantee the security distance of 2 meters.  
  • Our lifeguards will provide you deckchairs, and they will take care of the respect and harmony of the area. 
  • Deckchairs will be disinfected before and after every use. 
  • Deckchair reservation it is not allowed. 

Sports activities and gym:

  • We have reduced the capacity in our gym and in activities rooms. 
  • Our gym machines have been redistributed to keep the security distance. 
  • All the materials will be disinfected before and after every use (kayak, bikes…) 
  • Gym machines will be disinfected before and after every use. 
  • Group activities will take place keeping the security distance of 2x2 meters per person and if possible, outdoors. 
  • We offer you the possibility of our service “Gym in a bag” for those willing to train inside the room. This equipment will be disinfected after every use. 

Wellness area:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at our wellness reception area. 
  • We have increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of our counters and common areas. 
  • We keep offering you our SPA service with a reduced capacity and a relaxed ambiance to ensure security distance. 
  • Our hammam and sauna will be of individual use or for use of the same family unit. 
  • We still offer most of our treatments taking care on personal protection measures for our therapists. 
  • Security distance is marked with signs. 
  • Prevention basic information and guidelines for a correct use of the facilities will be handed to all our clients. 

We appreciate your support and trust in ARTIEM. We will keep you informed about any news and we will be delighted to give you a warm welcome to any of our hotels.  


Pepe Díaz

*Information updated: May 10, 2021


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