The cider bars in Gijón, or sidrerías as they are known locally, are a must-visit during your time in the town. Made from apples, the alcoholic drink upholds a long tradition in Asturias; reason enough to indulge in a glass or two. Keep reading to discover our pick of the best places to sip on this most iconic of Asturian beverages.

Representing culture, history and tradition, cider is much more than a drink in Asturias. Dating all the way back to before the birth of Christ to Ancient Egypt, the drink has been consumed in Asturias since the 8th century. And not only is the tradition still alive today, it positively thrives. 

Cider is enjoyed all around the world. But in Asturias there is an important difference: the drink is poured from a height, the waiter stretching their arm up as far as possible before letting the liquid fall into the glass which is held by their knees. The first time you try this, you will probably miss. It takes technique and practice to get it right. But if at first you don’t succeed, just ask your waiter. There will always be someone on hand to help serve you. 

If you are dreaming of a summer holiday, keep your imagination alive with thoughts of Asturias, a land defined by stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, delicious cuisine and fascinating culture. To really get to the heart of what the area is all about, make sure you visit an authentic sidrería at least once. So where should you go? Scroll down to discover the very best cider bars in Gijón. 


Gijón: home to the best sidrerías in Asturias

Casa Ataulfo

Situated in the heart of Gijón, Casa Ataulfo is one of the best known sidrerías in the town. With almost 40 years of history (established in 1983), this is a friendly and welcoming place to eat and drink that is defined by a few quality ingredients: cider, seafood, fish and good service. You can pair your cider - poured, of course, from a height - with an evolving menu of fresh and seasonal produce caught in the Cantabrian Sea. Make sure you try arroz con bogavante (rice with lobster), which locals speak highly of. 

Casa Ataulfo is one of the most historic sidrerías in Gijón.

Casa Ataulfo is one of the most historic sidrerías in Gijón.

La Galana

Opening its doors over 20 years ago, Restaurante Sidrería La Galana is another eaterie-cum-cider bar to pin on your map. Centrally located, in Plaza Mayor, next to the town council building, the restaurant specialises in traditional Asturian cuisine and local products. Proud of Gijón’s cider tradition, La Galana even serves its very own brew, Sidra Natural La Galana, poured into your glass from a height. The cellar also stocks a number of Designation of Origin beverages, which the staff will be pleased to tell you all about.

 the best cider bars in Gijón - La Galana

A glass of cider being poured at La Galana. Source: La Galana

Casa El Cartero

If you are looking for the finest varieties of cider, head over to Sidrería Restaurante Casa El Cartero. Opened in 1926, this Gijón-based cider bar has won various prizes for its offering. Imanol Arias and Juan Echanove even recorded an episode of Un país para comérselo here, a popular food programme. The secret to success? Building relationships with their customers. When lunch and dinner aren’t being served, you will find the waiters chatting away and telling anecdotes about the district. 


what to eat at cider bars in Gijón, Asturias

Red sea bream, one of the specialities at El Cartero.

Casa Trabanco

There are plenty of rural areas and tiny villages whose verdant tranquillity will take you aback in Asturias. Lavandera, which is part of the municipality of Gijón, is one of these. The hamlet is home to a great sidrería. Casa Trabanco (since 1983) serves a menu that revolves around cod, cachopo and traditional stews. Expect to share a table in traditional sidrería style. Beyond the restaurant, this family-run business makes its very own cider: Sidra Trabanco. 


sidrería in Gijón Casa Trabanco

A view from outside Casa Trabanco. Source: Casa Trabanco

Casa Carmen

Cider tastes better when served with a delicious meal. A truth Sidrería Casa Carmen in Gijón knows all too well. Located in La Arena district, close to San Lorenzo beach, this restaurant specialises in cachopos, a dish comprising two fillets of beef filled with ham and cheese and then breaded and fried. Sidra Piñera is on the menu here, a natural craft cider that is very popular locally. If you’ve got one day to explore Gijón and you’re feeling a bit peckish, stopping off at Casa Carmen is a great idea. 

cachopo at sidrería casa Carmen, Gijón

Casa Carmen is famed for its cachopos.

Sidrería La Costa

If you love meat, this is the sidrería for you. The restaurant specialises in all types and cuts of barbecued meat, cooked just the way you like it. Boasting a large terrace in the centre of Gijón, La Costa offers a diverse and extensive drinks list featuring wines and ciders. The perfect choice if you’re in the centre of Gijón and fancy a hearty meal and a traditionally poured cider. 


barbecued meat at Sidrería La Costa in Gijón

Barbecued meat is one of the specialities at Sidrería La Costa

Whether you choose to visit one or all the sidrerías on this list (we vote you go for the latter), you’re going to need somewhere to stay during your time in Gijón. ARTIEM Asturias is just what you’re looking for. The hotel offers incredible facilities so you can really unwind, in addition to different dining options and a 500m2 spa where you can feed your mind and body. Let us take care of you as you explore the sidrerías in Gijón. An authentically Asturian experience.