Are you planning on visiting Madrid? Use your free time to enjoy all the shows that will be held this fall in the capital. Check out our wide list of events in Madrid and enjoy!

Madrid’s autumn theatre schedule is back after the end of summer. Art and culture have kickstarted the school year by taking down old posters to make way for everything that is to come in the coming months: theatre, musicals, concerts, exhibitions and more. 

And plans in Madrid never disappoint. If there’s something that makes the capital stand out, it's the diverse and abundant cultural offerings. If you’re visiting Madrid for business or you’ve planned a short getaway, take advantage of your free time to enjoy Madrid’s autumn shows. You have everything: international music and jazz festivals, tributes to the architect Sabatini and the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. There are so many choices at your fingertips. 


Cultural plans in Madrid: 7 ideas for autumn 

ARTIEM Madrid offers some of the best shows that you can see this autumn 2022 in the city


  1. Frida Kahlo: Alas para volar (Wings to fly)

Frida Khalo exposición Madrid


Following the huge success of the Frida Kahlo immersive experience, she now returns to Madrid with the exhibition “Wings to fly” which is on until November 30th at Casa de México. This event is not to be missed, as the last time Madrid hosted a monographic exhibition on the artist was in 1985. It allows you to discover the most intimate side of this universal icon of feminism, with a total of 31 original works as well as photographs and videos by Manuel Álvarez Bravo. And in case you're wondering, the exhibition takes its name from the famous phrase she wrote in her diary in 1953, “Feet? What do I need them for when I have wings to fly?”. 


  1. Madrid International Jazz Festival

Festival Internacional de Jazz de Madrid


If you’re a fan of jazz, then you're in luck. All the autumn concerts in Madrid will be in this musical style. JazzMadrid is now a “must-attend” event for those who enjoy live music. From November 2nd-27th there is a complete programme of concerts, films, conferences and exhibitions available, with a focus on local and international jazz. It makes no difference whether you are a real jazz freak or whether you’ve never listened to this style; this festival is for you. 


  1. Suma Flamenca 

Suma Flamenca espectaculos en otoño en Madrid


Flamenco is passion, force, dance, voice... it is pure sentiment. From October 18th to November 6th you can listen to this music genre at the 17th edition of Suma Flamenca, one of the most relevant international festivals. Let this art captivate you, with singers, dancers and musicians as famous as Tomatito, Mayte Martín, Carmen Linares, Juan Carmona “Habichuela”, Patricia Guerrero, Capullo de Jerez and Carmen Cortés, among many others. The main venue of the festival will be the Teatros del Canal, but the whole of Madrid will be coloured with pure art, as the programme will be extended to other locations in the city. 

  1. Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate Madrid


If you are a person who dreams of finding a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, then you are in luck. You have until October 23rd to enter this magical world from Wednesday to Sunday at Espacio Ibercaja Delicias.
Discover this amazing musical adaptation of the popular tale by the Welsh writer Roald Dah with the comedian and actor, Edu Soto who plays the part of the most famous chocolate maker in the world. The perfect plan to enjoy with family or friends that will bring out the child inside you. 

  1. The musical Mamma Mia! is back:

 ¡Mamma Mía! musical Madrid


“Here I go again”. That's right, Mamma Mia returns to Madrid to fill the autumn nights with music and dancing. Put on your Sunday best, because from October 17th to November 27th, you’ll have a new opportunity to see one of the most successful musicals of recent years at Teatro Rialto. If you've already seen it, be sure to relive this love affair, as it has new choreographies, new costumes and many surprises. 


  1. Tim Burton immersive exhibition 

Tim Burton immersive exhibition 


There’s no doubt that Burton’s universe leaves an impression on everyone. His films have created a language of their own that has endured over time, marking a turning point in the seventh art. What if you could enter this universe like never before? You’ll do just that at the immersive exhibition entitled “Labyrinth” which is on at the Ibercaja Delicias centre from September 29th. Each hall will take you to a new and unique experience and you alone will decide on your path, so make sure you choose the right doors to open…


  1. Women and society in ancient Egypt

The Egyptian culture is one of the most fascinating in the history of mankind. The exhibition “Hijas del Nilo” (Daughters of the Nile) comes to Spain for the first time. An unprecedented exhibition that tells us about the role of women in ancient Egypt with almost 300 original pieces, at Palacio de las Alhajas. The exhibition, which is on until December 31st, displays all manner of objects such as sculptures, reliefs, household utensils, jewels and life-size reproductions of burial chambers. Discover this great civilization of the past, where the role of women was much more important than we could ever imagine. 

Women and society in ancient Egypt


As you can see, there are countless events you can see in Madrid this autumn. If you are planning to visit the city, ARTIEM Madrid will be only too pleased to welcome you and recommend the best plans to allow you to make the most of your stay. For instance, if you want to discover the city through its flavours, we suggest a gastronomic route that will make your mouth water. Or if you aren't sure about the best plans for Sunday, we’ll tell you what they are.