Take advantage of your visit to Menorca to get unique, handmade products back home with you that will remind you of the island. We have made a selection with the ten most special.

The memories during our trip have the ability to take us back instantly to that place. Who hasn’t spontaneously “flown back” to the beach where he picked up the conch that adorns the bookshelf? Who hasn’t remembered that city’s taste again by sipping the wine he brought back as a souvenir? For our island to be one of the memories that accompany you for a long time, we encourage you to get some of these traditional Menorca products.


10 typical products of Menorca that you have to buy


Mahón-Menorca cheese 

Enjoy the taste of Menorca with cheese snacks. It is, without a doubt, one of the most emblematic products of the island. It is made with curdled cow's milk at low temperature, following ancestral traditions and maintaining its peculiar square shape.

There is evidence that this delicacy was already common in the menus of prehistoric Minorcans since they have found remains of ceramic utensils used for its elaboration in the year 2,000 a.d.C. And there are also Arab documents from the year 1,000 that speak of the delicacies of Menorca cheese. In 1985 the Seal of Denomination of Origin was granted to protect this gastronomic jewel.

Throughout the island you will find farms that are dedicated to raising cows and producing cheese. One of them is Subaida, where cheese and sausages are made by hand. Their products have received different awards, including international ones, and they organize tastings and guided tours.



More than 300 years ago the English brought the gin to Menorca and, since then, islanders have made it theirs based on local herbs and fruits. Distilleries Xoriguer, located in Mahón, claims to be one of the first to produce gin in the Mediterranean. Since then they continues working with a secret recipe from the early 1700s and in stills that add up to more than 250 years old.



Saffron is a very valuable product, not only as a food spice but for all its benefits on the human body. In Menorca we are lucky to have one of the best products in the world thanks to its chemical-free processing. We're talking about Isafra Menorca, which dyes the fields of Es Mercadal in red and gives flavor to menorcan cuisine with its saffron.



The elaboration of sweets in Menorca is a tradition rooted in the local culture. Since ancient times, the island has been known for its unique pastries, which reflect the rich history and cultural diversity of the region. Among the wide variety of typical Menorcan sweets are pastissets, small pastries filled with angel hair or jam; carquinyols, crunchy cookies with almonds; and amargos, almond and sugar sweets that melt in the mouth with a deliciously intense flavor. However, among all these delicacies, ensaimadas stand out as the true queens of Menorcan pastries. They are known for their light and fluffy dough, their delicate flavor and their characteristic spiral shape. They can be found in a variety of versions, from the traditional plain ensaimadas to those filled with cream, angel hair or chocolate.

To enjoy the best ensaimadas and other traditional sweets from Menorca, we recommend visiting Forn i Pastisseria Can Pedro. It has stores in different parts of the island and is known for its dedication to quality and authenticity in the elaboration of its products.



When visiting Menorca, the best way to walk through its streets, roads and beaches is with the typical avarcas. It is the traditional footwear of the island and the one used by the countrymen to work in the field. Due to their comfort and resistance, they became famous until they became the fashionable sandal even on the peninsula.

You will find many stores where they sell them, but always look for those that show the “Avarca de Menorca” seal if you want to get the real ones. This not only guarantees the quality of the materials, but also that they have been handcrafted on the island. In RIA, for example, you can get the real Menorcan avarcas.



Sobrasada is one of the most emblematic products of Menorca, although its name has Sicilian roots, its history on the island dates back to the ancient trade routes that brought it here. Since then, it has become a true symbol.

This delicious sausage is made with local pork, offering a smooth texture, a delicate flavor and a characteristic reddish color thanks to the paprika that is added to the mixture. The variety of sobrasada can vary according to its curing time, each with its own characteristics and flavor nuances.


Leather products

If you like fashion and do not know what to buy in Menorca, choose leather products. Throughout the island you will find factories and artisan workshops that work the skin to make accessories, bags, footwear, etc.

For quality items, you can go to the Mascaró factory in Ferrerias. It is a family business that started manufacturing shoes on the island in 1918. During the visit you will be able to know the whole production process and get some piece in its “Factory Shop” store.

We also recommend you to visit Pons Quintana, a company that began its activity in 1053 and manufacture some of the most beautiful bags and shoes on the island.


Menorcan wine

To accompany the cheese you can get a bottle of Menorcan wine, recognized under the label "Vi de la Terra Illa de Menorca". And, although many do not know, broths were produced on the island already back in the thirteenth century. In recent decades, many wineries have emerged that are recovering the winemaking tradition and making very respectable broths.

On your visit to Menorca, you can make excursions to visit the wineries, participate in the tastings or courses they organize and take with you a bottle that collects all the flavor of the island.


Salt from Menorca

The sea is part of the essence of Menorca and, therefore, also its salt. The island's salt-making tradition dates back to the 18th century thanks to places such as the Tirant, Mongofre or Addaia salt mines. However, production has re-emerged stronger than ever in recent years with the aim of offering a quality product in its purest version.

Sal de Menorca is produced from the Reserva de la Concepció, near the port of Fornells, after it was closed in 1984. Its most special characteristic is that it is obtained thanks to a natural process in which the water, the wind and the Mediterranean sun play a fundamental role. The product is so delicate that it is harvested by hand to protect its crunchy and fine texture.



Honey and jams

There is no better way to sweeten your memories of Menorca than with honey and jams from Cooperativa del Camp. These delicious products, made with care and passion by local farmers, capture the essence of the island's land and nature in every jar. From the sweetness of the honey to the intensity of the fresh fruit jams, every bite will transport you back to the idyllic landscapes of Menorca.


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