Admire landscapes where the celestial blue sky blends with vineyard green. Connect with the destination through your palate. Enjoy a well-chilled white wine to cool off from the heat. Discover how tradition and heritage merge to achieve excellence. Breathe in calm while gazing at a beautiful sunset with a glass of wine in your hand.

Simplicity, beauty and quality at the same destination, all lavished on you by Menorca, an enchanting island full of surprises. In 1993 it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (Menorca Biosphere Reserve), where not only will you discover heavenly coves but also great gastronomical and oenological delights. Not in vain this year Menorca has received the award of European Region of Gastronomy 2022.

Looking back on history, it shows us that wine has been made on the island since the 13th century. The illustrious 18th century was followed by the end of wine production due to a plague that wiped out the vines. In recent decades, Menorca has slowly recovered its vines, and in 2002 it earned the quality stamp, “Vi de la Terra Illa de Menorca”, a protected geographic indication that bears witness to the quality and origin of its wines.


Wine tourism in Menorca: bravely connecting with tradition

There are several wineries in Menorca that have salvaged the tradition and that offer very respectable wines. The white wine varieties used the most include Chardonnay, with rich aromas of pineapple and banana, and Malvasia, with an intense floral touch, as well as Macabeo, Moscatel, Parellada and Moll. Visiting wineries in Menorca is a luxury. Many of them offer tasting accompanied by typical Menorca products, courses and even dining surrounded by vineyards, truly amazing.

The island has discovered how to highlight the local product and encourage visitors to take an interest in the passionate world of wine from Menorca. The menus of many of the restaurants and hotels of Menorca, such as ARTIEM, now include options of excellent quality from local vineyards.

wine route in menorca


A trip using your palate…let's start the wine route in Menorca

1. Binitord Winery


The route begins to the south of Ciutadella at the small family winery of Binitord, which produces 20,000 bottles annually while following organic farming practices. Natural fertilizers and goat grazing make it possible to control weeds and produce a most special wine.

The setting is wonderful: the winery is built in an old quarry, which means minimal impact on the landscape, thereby fostering conservation of the island’s natural assets.


BINITORD WINE route menorca



2. Torralbenc Winery

torralbenc winery menorca



We’re talking about Torralbenc, a wine-growing project of the Urtasun family. The Menorca estate is formed by a complex of homes that were engaged in cattle farming and agriculture until the end of the 20th century. Shortly thereafter, the zone was restored and converted into its current use as sustainable agritourism, which emphasizes heritage and the environment.


3. Binifadet Winery

binifadet winery menorca



In Sant Lluís, you can visit the winery with the largest production on the island: the Binifadet Winery. Something else to remember is that it produces the only sparkling wines in Menorca.

During the summer months, while deliciously tasting its most special wines, you can also enjoy beautiful views from its outdoor terrace surrounded by vineyards. Can you think of a better place to enjoy a good wine with a view?


4. Finca Sa Marjaleta Winery

finca sa marjaleta winery menorca



Just a few kilometres away, we visit Finca Sa Marjaleta, where they produce “vino Iamontanum”. Does the name ring a bell? It comes from “lamona”, which is what Ciutadella was known as during Roman times. 

At this winery, they grow the Syrah and Viognier grape varieties. The latter is very exclusive, given that it is very difficult to grow and is not very widespread.


5. Sa Forana Winery

sa forana winery menorca



We head to a small rural community in the southeast part of the island, Sant Climent, where we find the Cugullonet Nou estate. There they produce wines known as Sa Forana. From this calcareous and rocky soil, they get about 5,000 bottles every year, produced with grapes grown exclusively on this estate.


6. Sa Cudia Vineyard

vinya sa cudia



Finally, we find the crown jewel in Mahón, right in the s’Albufera des Grau Natural Park. There the Vinya Sa Cudia winery awaits us, where we can enjoy its wines coming from vineyards that are irrigated exclusively with rainwater while having withstood the strong tramontana winds for their entire lives. Authenticity at another level.


Pack your bags!

What did you think of our route? It comes from years of experience, and the best thing you can do is choose the best options from what we’ve offered here.

This is the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for and need so much after so many months of hard work. Don’t be fooled: days of rest are best savoured when accompanied by a good glass of white wine from Menorca and in the best company ;) And if you want to experience the island as a Gastronomic Region even more, here are our recommendations for the best restaurants in Menorca. Enjoy!