Menorca is the island of walks next to a turquoise blue sea, eternal sunsets, slow life and the perfect getaway for Holy Week. If you’ve decided to travel to Menorca at Easter, don’t think twice about travelling to this attractive Balearic island.

Menorca is the perfect destination in which to spend a few peaceful days enjoying its marvellous scenery and delicious local gastronomy. Its relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, with no crowds or complications, makes it one the favourite destinations of our conscious travellers like you, who:

  • Choose off-season periods, respecting the flow of the island.

  • Prefer to enjoy the richness of nature in peace and quiet.

  • Discover its delicious food and local products.

  • Adore outdoor and sports activities and protecting nature.

At ARTIEM, we are also committed to responsible tourism that causes no negative impacts on our environment. We work actively to achieve this and we hope to be able to count on you to help us.


Imagine what Holy Week in Menorca would be like

Imagine spending your holiday surrounded by sea and nature in a unique setting. If you still have doubts, here are 6 good reasons to visit Menorca at Easter:


Hidden coves in Menorca

It’s impossible to talk about Menorca without mentioning its wonderful hidden coves. They are quiet at Easter and receive fewer visitors than during the summer months, and so they are perfect for relaxing, walking and admiring the incomparable scenery.

You can prepare your own picnic and spend a day in your special paradise. Try not to take natural tokens back with you; the best souvenir is a fantastic photo and a memorable moment stored in your mind’s eye.



Discover Menorca Talayotic: UNESCO World Heritage Site

In addition to its spectacular beaches and lush nature, Menorca is home to an archaeological treasure that will transport you to ancient times. At Easter, you will have the opportunity to quietly explore historical sites such as ancient necropolises and Talayotic settlements. This year 2024 the island has been distinguished as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptional archaeological legacy, known as Talayotic Menorca. From the Bronze Age to the Late Iron Age, the impressive megalithic constructions such as the "taulas", "talaiots" and the enigmatic "navetas" bear witness to the ancient civilization that inhabited the island. Enter into this unique experience and discover how these structures have coexisted in harmony with the history and natural environment of the island over the centuries.



Camí de Cavalls

For those who prefer to organise the procession themselves and start walking, Camí de Cavalls is the perfect circuit for walking around the whole island and discovering its wonderful scenery. This time of year, when the weather is mild, is the most enjoyable. 

Natural and protected landscapes and breathtaking views to connect with nature: walk, run, enjoy its mountain bike routes, always with the utmost care with the environment through which you march. 

At ARTIEM Capri you can choose one of the 3 experiences we offer for exploring Camí de Cavalls as you want, along with the Menorca 360°: hike Menorca experts on a hiking route, bike Menorca on a MTB or explore the island of Menorca on a route that combines both modes.



Ciutadella de Menorca and Mahón

It is likely that at Easter in Menorca you will not be able to enjoy the beaches and the sun as much as you would like to; but you will have the chance to discover the history of this island, which played a very important role and has been home to many different civilisations. Visit Ciutadella de Menorca and Mahón and relive the history of Menorca.

Palaces, cathedrals, maze-like streets and fortresses from which to watch the sunset just as our ancestors did centuries ago.




Typical Menorcan pastries to eat during Holy Week

Menorcan confectionery is famous and there are two typical pastries that you should try at this time of year. 

Firstly, the “formatjades” are bowl-shaped pastries that are filled with different ingredients. The typical Menorcan “formatjada” is filled with meat and eaten on Holy Saturday after Lent.

Another classic is the egg yolk candies that are typical of Holy Week. In the olden days, the penitents would throw them to the crowds during the processions. Today, they are sold in cake shops.

At ARTIEM, we promote local gastronomy and trade to enable our guests to enjoy delicious typical products while we promote sustainability in the commerce of our people.



The weather in Menorca at Holy Week

During Holy Week, the weather in Menorca is very pleasant. It is not too cold and not too hot. It’s the perfect time for you to discover the island, stroll on the beach and enjoy walking or visit the cities and towns on foot without having to escape the heat. Pack spring clothing and a jacket for going out at night, or for visiting the northern part of the island. Oh! And don’t forget your swimsuit. You never know, it’s sometimes impossible not to want to take a dip in the sea when the sun comes out.

And after enjoying all these plans, relax in ARTIEM after your busy days during Holy Week.



Live the Easter in Menorca with ARTIEM

Our two only-adults hotels in Menorca, ARTIEM Carlos and ARTIEM Audax, are open and waiting to welcome you at Holy Week. After the long winter, we are back with more energy than ever and many activities to enable you to have a memorable Holy Week. Choose Carlos if you want to be close to Mahón in an urban but peaceful setting, and Audax if you prefer to be close to nature and stay near the beach.

Or you can choose ARTIEM Capri, which is located in Mahón and allows you to move around easily. It’s our most urban hotel in Menorca, and the most attractive. It is open all year round for those who want to visit the island in the autumn or winter. And you can also stay with us at ARTIEM  Urban Apartments, which is only 30 m from ARTIEM Capri and offers you a different and more independent way to see the island with all the comforts of a hotel.

Discover Menorca this Easter and find in it a place of retreat, peace and tranquility seasoned with cultural activities, sports, landscape and gastronomy.

Are you coming?