Asturias has thousands of hectares of wilderness, including seven Biosphere Reserves; sounds like "paradise" for people that love nature and exercising outdoors, don't you agree? Hiking, canyoning, climbing or cycling... there are endless possibilities to enjoy Asturias.

According to the official definition.Active tourism is a type of tourism where the main motivation of the trip is to participate in tourist activities in natural environments that involve physical activity by part of the participants and a certain level of controlled risk, as is the case of adventure tourism”.

Active tourism has increasingly become more popular in our country in the last decades as an alternative to classic sun, beach or cultural tourism. Rural tourism and its variants, such as active tourism and adventure tourism, have arrived to delight tourists who looking for new ways to spend their time outdoors.

What makes active tourism so attractive? The fact is that people who practice it can experience new sensations while carrying out physical activities that are challenging for them, as many of these activities require a certain level of physical skill. 

active tourism asturias

Also, another advantage is that we can discover new places, in this case, Asturias, in a different way. The tourist stops being a mere spectator and becomes part of the environment, engaging directly with it through sporting activity. Also worth mentioning is that participating in a sporting activity can reduce stress.


Safety is paramount

adventure in asturias

Safety must always be your priority in order to enjoy active tourism in Asturias to its full extent. If you are going to be engaging in a risky sporting or outdoor activity, it is important that you hire a guide or an experienced active tourism company in Asturias and follow their instructions and advice. 


Sports for active tourism in Asturias

And now...

From the steep profiles of Picos de Europa to the meandering of its rivers, Asturias is the quintessential destination for adventure sports; take notice because we are going to list what sports or outdoor activities you can do in Asturias. Are you looking forward to an adventure? Here we go. 



Canyoning asturias


Canyoning is one of the more fun and exciting activities you can do in Asturias thanks to its small and meandering rivers. This sport or activity consists of descending the bed of one of the streams or ravines that flow from the mountain to one of the main rivers of Asturias, swimming, jumping, sliding and abseiling (descending with a rope and harness).

The best locations to practice canyoning in Asturias are:

  • Barranco de cares
  • Barranco hoz del Rubó
  • Barranco de el Vallegón
  • Barranco de la Molina
  • Barranco de carangas


surf asturias

Asturias is the ideal place for surfing year-round. With all kinds of surf and varied shorelines where the unpredictability of the next wave, the one that feeds the adrenaline of the surfer, is as or more fascinating than what we see at any other shoreline.

Perfect beaches for surfing in Asturias: 

  • Playa de Rodiles
  • Playa de Salinas, Castrillón
  • Playa de La Grande, Tapia de Casariego
  • Playa de San Lorenzo, Gijón
  • Playa de Xagó, Avilés
  • Playa de Santa Marina, Ribadesella



hiking picos de europa

Because it is simple and lacks any danger, hiking is one of the preferred nature activities by people that love active tourism and Asturias has the perfect scenery for it: Los Picos de Europa. 

In this selection we list easy trails through Los Picos de Europa as well as other slightly more challenging trails, so you can choose the best way to enjoy these magnificent landscapes.

And if you want to enjoy other natural environments in Asturias, here is another selection of hiking trails.

Via Ferratas

via ferratas asturias

A Via Ferrata is a vertical as well as horizontal itinerary built on walls or rocky massifs and which is equipped with materials to help inexperienced people climb the route with little risk or complications. At a Via Ferrata we find nails, staples, clamps, handrails, chains, suspension bridges and even zip lines. Sounds fun, right?

In Asturias, you will find different Via Ferratas with the most noteworthy being Parque Vidosa Multiaventura, considered one of the best in the country. You will find more than 7 different routes and the longest zip line in Spain, nearly 500 m!




Canoeing is without a doubt one of the activities you can do in Asturias that attracts the most tourists. Going down the Sella or Ría de Villaviciosa (only 20 minutes from ARTIEM Asturias) is easy to do and suitable for people of any physical shape, age or level of expertise. 

If you chose this type of sporting activity, you will be able to enjoy the landscape, go for a swim or improvise a picnic beside the river.



cycling routes asturias

Asturias is a destination chosen by many cyclists. Boasting a beautiful coastline, impressive mountains and very little traffic, Asturias offers everything you could wish to enjoy your favourite sport. Not to mention that Asturias is home to some of the most iconic climbs of La Vuelta Ciclista a España (Tour of Spain). You can cycle along the same routes and roads as Wiggins, Froome or Contador. If you are brave enough, you can climb the famous summits of Los Lagos de Covadonga. Discover our selection of cycling routes in Asturias and begin your adventure!

Also, thanks to the collaboration between ARTIEM Asturias and CYCLING FRIENDLY, coupled with our more than 15 years of experience in the world of cycling, ARTIEM Asturias has its own cycling club, with its own installations and special services.

Active tourism with ARTIEM Club Asturias

activities ARTIEM Asturias

At ARTIEM we invite you to discover Asturias through active and responsible tourism provided by our Freshpeople. ARTIEM Asturias is located in a very peaceful natural environment, just 10 minutes away from the city of Gijón. We want to be your hosts so you can enjoy your holidays and find the perfect balance between mind and body.

If active tourism is what brings you to Asturias, don't forget we offer ARTIEM Club Asturias. This is an exclusive club where what is important is not who you are but how you want to feel. If you are a member or are staying with us, you can enjoy the following activities:

  • weekly well-being program (yoga, pilates and HIIT classes)
  • individual and personalised workout routines
  • paddle tennis at our new courts
  • access to our gym

Asturias moves with ARTIEM, do you?